Service Evaluation

Eight geographically diverse, public and private universities, completed the evaluation of a number of aspects of the GWEP offering, with a focus on capabilities provided in the enterprise offering and priorities identified by the service evaluation team. These areas included:

  • Reviewed enhanced security features in GWEP
  • Developed a business model that helps institutions manage budgets and the current economic climate
  • Streamlining the management and usage of collaboration tools at institutions
  • Supporting institutional teaching and research needs
  • Integrating with other enterprise applications and services
  • Building scalable higher education specific contractual terms and pricing
Status by CategoryStatus Indicator% Complete


InitiationG100%The service evaluation kicked off on May 11, 2020
Functional AssessmentG100%

Functional Assessment workgroup began its work on June 2, 2020. Work completed in mid August.


Security Assessment workgroup work began its work on June 5, 2020. The work was completed on August 21, 2021, and here's the final report


VPAT Review completed and available upon request. Google shared this accessibility letter with the campuses.

Identity IntegrationG100%

Identity integration workgroup kicked off on June 9, 2020. Identity guidance draft was finalized on July 7,2020. Work on roadmap items wrapped up July 15, 2020

Campus Identity Guidance for NET+ GSEfE

Network IntegrationG100%Completed

Business & Legal


Completed RFI for program reseller(s) and conditionally awarded to two resellers in December 2020. The agreements with Google, Amplified IT and Burwood were executed in June 2021.

NET+ GSEfE Service Evaluation Participants

  • Nate Corwin, Arizona State University
  • Pete Bosanko, Cornell University
  • Justin Zemlyak, Indiana University
  • Doug Streit, Old Dominion University
  • Marc Cougle, Rice University
  • Damian Doyle, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Nick Young, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
  • Rob Smith, Wake Forest University

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Service Documentation and Resources

Accessibility:  VPAT for G Suite

Identity: Campus Identity Guidance for NET+ GSEfE

Information Security:


  2. Google for Education Privacy and Security

  3. G Suite security and trust

  4. FAQs about G Suite security

Contract and Pricing: NET+ pricing and terms negotiated as part of the evaluation in 2021 and amended in 2022.

Community Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about NET+ Google Workspace for Education eligibility, pricing and storage limits

NET+ Google Workspace for Education custom offering

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