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There are substantial recurring community costs associated with NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services (IPS). These costs include program management and operation, establishing network peering integration, legal work, workshops and activities, and providing the foundation for new or add-on services. To help cover these costs, the following fees for NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services have been implemented.

NET+ IPS Participation Agreement Setup Fee:

A one-time Setup Fee of $1,000 for Internet2 Members and $1,500 for non-Internet2 Members will be included at the time a campus signs the NET+ IPS Participation Agreement. For each subsequent service, or if the NET+ IPS Participation Agreement has already been executed, a Setup Fee will not be charged.

NET+ GCP Annual Access Fee:

Internet2 members are not charged an Annual Access Fee for NET+ GCP at this time. Non-members are charged an Annual Access Fee according to membership and applicable Carnegie Classification. Internet2 Higher Education Members can confirm their membership at:

Annual Access Fee Pricing 

  • Very High Research Activity or Affiliate: $8,400.00
  • High Research Activity: $6,300.00
  • Specialized Medical, System Offices, Doctoral Research, or Masters Large Program: $3,100.00
  • All Other Four-Year Higher Education Institutions : $2,100.00

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