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Welcome to the NET+ Google Cloud Platform (GCP) wiki

Many Internet2 member institutions take advantage of this service offering. If your institution is one of them then this wiki will provide details on how to make the most of your participation of the programming and interact with peers across Internet2 member institutions. 

This program is open to all US higher education institutions. There are additional access fees for institutions that are not members of Internet2.  For details on how to join the program, please email 

You can also find out more about the Internet2 Cloud Connect offering for GCP Partner Interconnect.

Service Documentation and Resources



  • GCP identities are closely tied to the GSuite environment - schools currently use Google Cloud Directory Sync to sync users and to populate Google Groups
  • If you are interested in working on a recommendation for dynamic group population and Role mapping for authorization management - email

Information Security:

Contract and Pricing:

Community Resources

Participate in our Subscriber Community:

Institutions participating in the NET+ GCP program may take advantage of our email discussion list and Slack channel to receive curated program updates and participate in other activities and events.

The NET+ GCP Service Advisory Board hosts regular subscriber calls where campus cloud teams meet to discuss their challenges, share lessons learned and collaborate to find the best answers for their institutions' GCP deployment. We regularly bring in Google engineers or product managers to discuss services and give feedback on how GCP features could best serve the unique needs of higher education institutions.

Please contact Bob Flynn to be added.

Join the GCP Community Forum (Open to all community members):

Users of GCP are encouraged to join the #google channel in the EDUCAUSE Cloud Community Group Slack. See the Higher Ed Cloud Community page on the Cloud Wiki for instructions to join.

Collaborate on the Cloud Wiki:

Speaking of community, did you know about the Cloud Wiki? This was created specifically for YOU, members of the higher education community to collaborate with each other. Log in to see a Cloud Job descriptions page and contribute your knowledge!

Contribute Code:

Looking to share your latest Terraform config? Add it to the Cloud Wiki Helpful GitHub Repos list or email to request access and create a repo in the Community Cloud Config GitHub organization.

Questions on Offers, Distributors and Resellers, Agreement Structure:

Find answers to frequently asked question in these Knowledge Base articles.

Key Program Updates

Subscribers may review our mailing list archives for monthly program and GCP updates.

June 23, 2021

Welcome to the NET+ GCP Newsletter. I don’t believe we’ve done one before, so this is a bit of a test launch. It’s going to be compact, brief, and hopefully very informative. Let me know how you like it, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less of. Send your feedback to


Summer Camp by Redhola Muzny from Vecteezy

GCP Summer Camp

This one is red hot because the first Camp session takes place today (6/23) at 11 am PT/2 pm ET. If you missed out on earlier announcements, there is still time to register and attend. Today’s topic is a showcase of teaching and learning use cases. You absolutely want to check these out. Naturally, we will make recordings available later, but we’ll hope you’ll join us live. Go on, register now. The rest of the newsletter will be here when you get back. 

NET+ GCP Subscribers Call

The next GCP Subscribers call is currently scheduled for Tuesday, July 6 at 11:30 am PT/2:30 pm ET. I am going to push that back a week to Tuesday, July 13 (same time) because all of the Googlers are off that week. (Nice, huh?) If you have topics you would like to see discussed, let me know and I’ll add them to the agenda. If they would benefit by having Googlers in the conversation, I’ll make those invitations. Send me your suggestions and requests at

News and Notes

Are You Making STRIDES?

Businessman Facing Obstacles by Thanakorn Kotpootorn from Vecteezy

I hope your campus is working to make STRIDES available to all of your NIH-funded researchers. Wait, you aren’t familiar with STRIDES? Wha?? OK. No shame in that. Go read this. It’s not long. We’ll wait. Alright, so you want to get moving with STRIDES, but there are...issues. No worries, tell us what they are. We want to help you be a star for your researchers. Take a couple of minutes (no more than five, really) to fill out this STRIDES Adoption Barriers survey so we can help you remove them.

Big Fish Eat Little Fish by from Vecteezy

The Training Landscape

If you watch the online cloud training space you will have noted the purchase of Linux Academy by A Cloud Guru in 2019. Now comes word that A Cloud Guru is being acquired by Pluralsight. The NET+ GCP program has been working with Pluralsight for our Professional Cloud Architects training cohort. They've been great partners. Maybe this will make them even better to work with going forward. Stay tuned.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Help Us Get Creative with Teaching

Online Classroom by imajin noasking from Vecteezy

I am working with the team supporting faculty for teaching and learning. Think curriculum, compute credits for class, Qwiklabs credits, etc.. We are looking to brainstorm with some faculty who teach using GCP (or would like to) and cloud teams who want to develop programs to make it easier for faculty to do so. If you or someone you know would be interested in giving us feedback, possibly piloting some things on your campus, please email me at

Jigsaw by Graphics RF from Vecteezy

What Services Are You Missing?

A school does not succeed with GCP alone. Shocking, right? In order to make cloud a success at your campus, it takes a solid platform but also management and security tools, training, code repos, unit testing tools, and more. Well, I want to know what you are using and what the community would get behind for new NET+ services with better contract terms to match our collective effort. I’ve spelled this effort out in the first of a series of blog posts. Take a minute to read the post and share your thoughts.


Business Open Mind Concept by monsterjoke from Vecteezy

Accelerating Student Success with AI

Long-time friend of the higher ed GCP community, Jesus Trujillo Gomez, has written a nice article about Google’s services to help institutions increase student success. It’s a quick but informative read.

Platform/Service Comparison

If you have come to GCP from another cloud platform or you are trying to speak GCP to your AWS colleague (and need a translator) or maybe you have to manage all three platforms and you’d like your head to stop spinning for just a moment. Check out this new cross-platofrm product map put together by the Google team.

Platform Conversion

Not quite religious conversion, but close. While this is technically an Event, it was an event in the past so I’m calling it a Resource. Feel free to edit your copy of the newsletter if you disagree. Back in April the Googliata held a couple of Cloud OnAir sessions, one each for AWS professionals moving to GCP and Azure professionals moving to GCP. They cover a lot and are quite informative. You may just be coming to GCP and have a frame of reference from another platform. These will help speed your journey.

Not Your Grandma’s GCP Cheat Sheets

OK, so maybe your grandma was the kind of GCP dev who didn’t need cheat sheets, but if she did, you can bet they would have been the purplish ink on white paper and smelling of mimeograph fluid kind, not these fun and amazing works of art by Google developer advocate Priyanka Vergadia. While you are on her site, check out the About tab for other excellent resources. (And kids, if you don’t know about mimeograph machines, go ask grandma.)

From the Slack-o-sphere

If you aren’t on the Cloud Computing Community Group Slack workspace you are missing out on the higher ed cloud conversation with your peers. (Jump over to to find the latest join link.) Here are a couple of tips that popped up recently in the #google channel.

ThanksThank You by joezhuang from Vecteezy


Thanks to the people who have suggested content for this issue (whether they realized it or not) including:

  • Alice Kamens
  • Joey Avraham
  • Eric Stravaalsen
  • Nick Young
  • Oren Sreebny


Thanks to the good people at Vecteezy for the artwork, specifically:

  • momentbloom for Business Startup
  • for Big Fish Eat Little Fish
  • Redhola Muzny for Summer Camp
  • Thanakorn Kotpootorn for Businessman Facing Obstacles
  • imajin noasking for Online Classroom
  • Graphics RF for Jigsaw
  • monsterjoke for Business Open Mind Concept
  • joezhuang for Thank You

Fall 2020 Service Updates

LabArchives releases Jupyter Notebooks integration

NET+ LabArchives reached 20 subscribers earlier this year. The Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is being used successfully enterprise wide by tens of thousands of faculty and researchers in the Internet2 community. In the coming months, the NET+ LabArchives Service Advisory Board members will evaluate for inclusion in the NET+ program two other LabArchives products: LabArchives Scheduler, which has ~70,000 users worldwide, and LabArchives Inventory. Recently, LabArchives integrated with Jupyter Notebooks. The new integration with Jupyter Notebooks empowers users to capture data science, scientific computing, and machine learning workflows within LabArchives ELN for Research.

NET+ GCP offers the easiest path to use of the NIH STRIDES program

The National Institutes of Health STRIDES program offers deep discounts on cloud usage for NIH-funded research work. Enrolling an institution to take advantage of STRIDES with NET+ GCP only requires filling out an additional order form with your chosen NET+ GCP reseller. For more information on using NET+ GCP with STRIDES check out our blog post or email

NET+ AWS campuses implement AWS Organizations and Control Tower

AWS Organizations and Control Tower are AWS features that help institutions to manage and govern their multi-account AWS environments.  The NET+ AWS Organizations and Control Tower working groups have helped map out strategies for campuses to successfully implement Control Tower in their AWS environments, and Internet2 published a post by Peter Traub outlining the implementation of Control Tower at the University of Virginia. If you are interested in participating in these working groups, please email

Our colleague Nick Young at UNCG has shared his scripts for auditing IAM settings on projects within a GCP organization. The scripts use Python on GCE, pushing the results to BigQuery. 

The scripts are available at

Thanks, Nick!

NET+ GCP Service Advisory Board Membership

  • John Bailey, Washington University of St Louis (Chair)
  • Atul Pala, San Jose State
  • Brian Pasquini, University of Pittsburgh
  • Damian Doyle, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Erik Lundberg, University of Washington
  • James Bennett, Indiana University
  • Joshua Hyman, University of Pittsburgh
  • Maneesha Aggarwal, Columbia University
  • Nick Young, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • Rikus Gosen, Masachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Eric Rau, Michigan State University
  • Sam Porter, University of Maryland
  • Stratos Efstathiadis, New York University
  • Rick Rhoades, Penn State University
  • Oren Sreebny, Internet2, Staff Liaison
  • Bob Flynn, Internet2, Staff Liaison

To Contact the Service Advisory Board


Send Feedback or Submit a Feature Request:

The NET+ GCP program is managed by an Internet2 program manager with the support of the NET+ GCP Service Advisory Board. 

The NET+ GCP Service Advisory Board reviews and priorities community feature requests on a periodic basis. Feature requests may be submitted to


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