Thanks for being part of ITANA and contributing to our online resources!

Getting Access

The ITANA wiki is a Confluence space hosted by Internet2. To become a contributor to this wiki:

  1. Click Log In in the top right
  2. Select your institution from the list of Identity Providers and log in (if your institution is not on the list, select ProtectNet and create an account)
  3. Once you are logged in to the wiki, click the person icon in the top right and select "Profile"
  4. Enter your email address in your profile
  5. Send an email to itana-steering at listserv dot educause dot edu
  6. An ITANA Steering Committee member will update Confluence to get you permission to edit


To help keep our web site organized, please be mindful of the following guidelines.


To add a page, first go to the existing page that your page should fall under.

  • If you are adding a working document as part of a working group, go to your working group in the Groups section.
  • If you are adding a completed document to the library, go to the Library section.
  • Use the Add menu in the top right to add a page.

Your new page will become a sub-page of the page you started from in the Site Outline.


At the bottom of your page is a place to add labels.

  • Add one or more labels that describe the subject matter of your page.
  • If your page is a working document, add the label "itana_working". The latest pages labeled this way also appear on the wiki home page.
  • If your page is a completed document for the Library, add the label "itana_library". The latest pages labeled this way also appear on the wiki home page.
Working Groups

Working groups also create content in other collaboration tools such as Google Docs. If you are the head of a working group, please periodically extract your latest working documents (for example, as PDF) and attach them to your working group's pages in the Groups section.

Intellectual Property

Your contributions to this wiki are subject to the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.

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