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This working area is a broad investigation of the SOA and API spaces jointly.  The popularity of commercial APIs, lightweight interfacing techniques  have both overtaken and reinvigorated the need to apply SOA principles in the enterprise.

Working Groups

Working subgroups originating from an initial discussion are starting to take form. New participants and input is encouraged throughout.

Want to Actively Collaborate or Contribute?

Become a member of the main discussion list through Jim Phelps.

Please see the Site Contributor Guide and review guidelines for wiki contributions.

Big Picture

Here is a simple draft taxonomy of the SOA API space based only on starting discussions. This overview will be useful to develop and refine as our interactions progress.

SOA API Stages

Areas of investigation


Determination of capabilities needed in an SOA API environment
Leveraging Business Drivers (Analytics, Evidence-based decisions, monetizing access to enterprise data)
Leveraging IT Drivers (better security, reduce complexity)
Investigation of overlap with teaching and learning


Enterprise data defintion and management
WS02 solution (selection, integrations, operations)
Design of common API across higher education
Securing APIs (authentication and especially authorization)
Messaging (role of ESB solutions, push vs pull direction)
Mobile device integration


Creating public APIs (use cases, balancing openness and resource control)
How to move enterprise from old techniques (ftp, direct database links) to SOA
Impact on data custodians and new governance opportunities

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