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This group is the main group for discussions and topics related to SOA API.


Jim Phelps (Lead)

Members of the ITANA SOA Management discussion list.

Areas of investigation (suggested)

For Evaluation work - Share what you went through in selecting your ESB software.

 Why did you pick WS02? What else did you look at?

 How are you using your ESB

 Sharing Design Documents and Patterns

 Sharing business cases and use cases used to make the case for investment

 Are folks planning on single instance of an ESB or Federated so other Departments/Colleges can have their own?

 And who locally (within University) manages/administers the ESB and other aligned software/services.

 Best practices on integration between ESB and ETL.

 What about changing out the infrastructure? What should I plan ahead for if I think we are going to change out our ESB?

 What are the design concerns you should consider if you want to make the infrastructure swappable?

 What about cloud deployment of the infrastructure either IaaS or Amazon WS / EC3?

 Public access to data and API supporting community of developers |

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