Please join us for our Face2Face session and other activities during the week of EDUCAUSE, November 6-9, in Denver, Colorado.


Theme: Disruptive Change in HE - Why Architecture Matters or Disruption meets Reality - What you should do about it




Tuesday, November 6

8 am to 4 pm

ITANA Face2Face Session on Disruptive Change and Enterprise Architecture
See below for program and registration information

Wednesday, November 7

2:30 to 3:20 pm

ITANA Learning Theater Spotlight: What the heck is Enterprise Architecture (EA) and why should I care?
Play the Enterprise Architecture Game at the EDUCAUSE booth in the exhibit hall

Thursday, November 8

1:30 to 2:20 pm

ITANA Discussion Session (EDUCAUSE Link) in meeting room 404.  Notes from the Session:  ITANA Discussion Session 2012

Thursday, November 8

2:40 to 6:30 pm

ITANA (un)Conference (EDUCAUSE Link) in meeting room 712.  Notes from the Session:  ITANA (un)Conference 2012

Face2Face Program and Materials

The EDUCAUSE Twitter hashtag for our session is #E12_SEM06F





8:00 AM

Start - Introductions
Jim Phelps

Presentation PDF

8-8:45 am

Disruptive Change in Higher Education
Chris Eagle

Presentation PDF

8:45-9:15 am

The Architect's Role in Leading Through Disruptive Change
Jim Phelps

Presentation PDF

9:15-9:45 am

Break-Out Session 1: Brainstorming About Disruptive Change
What upcoming changes are most critical to your institution, and how will you lead through them?

Break-Out Questions

9:45-10 am



10-11 am

Guest Speakers: CIO's Perspective on Enterprise Architecture



Shel Waggener, Senior Vice President, Internet2



Laura Patterson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, University of Michigan


11 am-12 pm

Communication and Analysis Tools for Architects
Tools you can use to engage university leaders in architectural concepts.



Capability Mapping
Jim Phelps

Presentation PDF


Life Cycle Analysis
Leo Fernig

Presentation PDF
Further life cycle projects


Communicating Change in an Application Portfolio (TIME and Pace)
Piet Niederhausen

Presentation PDF

12-1 pm: Lunch Discussion

Lunch will take place in the shared EDUCAUSE lunch area. Before lunch we'll identify topics for lunchtime discussion, and we encourage you to join other participants for lunch.





1-1:30 pm

Governance as a Tool for Architects
Paul Hobson

Presentation PDF

1:30-2:15 pm

Break-Out Session 2: Communicating as an Architect

Break-Out Questions

2:15-2:30 pm



2:30-3:30 pm

Architecture Case Studies
Real-life examples of architects leading through change.



UW-Madison Advising Architecture Review Board (AARB)
Jim Phelps

Web site


University of Washington SOA Infrastructure for Learning
Leo Fernig

Presentation PDF


UW-Madison DEM Capability Map and Organizational Design
Jim Phelps


3:30-4 pm

Break-Out 3: Your Takeaways and Future Work

Break-Out Questions

4 pm

Future ITANA activities


Planning committee

  • Chris Eagle, University of Michigan
  • Leo Fernig, University of British Columbia
  • Paul Hobson, University of British Columbia
  • Piet Niederhausen, Georgetown University
  • Jim Phelps, UW-Madison
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