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  • Decide on leadership
  • Block in first weeks of the program

Discussion items

15 mIce breakerChris Eagle
25 mTopic priorities and program blocking Jacob Morris
  • What areas of the EA practice does this group cover?
  • What is the scope and what are the options? Business focus, technology related, data related and infrastructure related?
  • Are lessons about how to advance the practice that should be highlighted?
  • Are there maturity models or maturity lessons to share? (ITANA EAMM )
  • What are the key lessons or takeaways that you want other architects get from your work?
  • What is the best way to achieve those takeaways?
  • What're the key activities and key results to achieve the objective (whatever that objective is)?
  • Does this group have a role in bringing members together in new ways?

The discussion for this sections was captured at the Itana Charge to Working Groups - New2EA Notes

10 mSelect leadershipAllJacob, UW and Alberto, BC expressed interest in Co-Chairing the New2EA Working Group. Those in the meeting spoke to their own interests. The group supported the decision that Jacob and Alberto Co-Chair the group, others stepped up to participate in the WG Steering Group, recognizing that additional leadership opportunities will arise.
10 mNext StepsAllJacob and Alberto will set up another planning meeting and invite the New2EA Leaders.

Action items