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Autumn 2017 Call Program

October 27
  • ITANA Business Architecture Working Group Kick-Off Meeting
2017-10-17 Call Notes
December 8
  • Determination of working group focus
  • Collection of Reference Material
  • Roundtable - Quick overview of what other campuses are doing in regards to Business Architecture
2017-12-08 Call Notes

Winter 2018 Call Program

January 19
  • Sharing of experiences in developing a Business Architecture
  • Trying to define Business Architecture
2018-01-19 Call Notes
February 2
  • Miami University Business Architecture Vision and Action Plan: Presentation by Dana Miller, Miami University-Ohio

2018-02-02 Call Notes

Dana Miller Presentation

February 16
  • Jeff Kennedy (University of Auckland) and Nigel Foxwell (James Cook University) will share an overview of the Council of Australasian Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) Higher Education Reference Architecture models and their underpinning catalogues

2018-02-16 Call Notes

CAUDIT Higher Education Business Reference Model Presentation

March 16
  • Review of the CAUDIT presentation and preparation for May 18th ITANA report out
2018-03-16 Call Notes

Spring 2018 Call Program

April 13
  • Business Architecture Participant Profiles
2018-04-13 Call Notes

Business Architecture Participant Profiles
April 27
  • Review the United Kingdom Higher Education Capability Model
2018-04-27 Call Notes

The United Kingdom Higher Education Capability Model
May 11
  • Prep for May 18th ITANA Report Out Presentation

2018-05-11 Call Notes

Itana Business Architecture Working Group Share Out

June 8
  • Feedback from the May 18th ITANA Report Out Presentation
2018-06-08 Call Notes

Summer 2018 Call Program

July 20
  • Discuss ECAR Effort Towards a Global Business Architecture Reference Model and ITANA Year in Review Infographic
2018-07-20 Call Notes

ITANA Year in Review Infographic
August 17
  • Discussion of Working Group Goals and CAUDIT EA Yearly Conference
2018-08-17 Call Notes

CAUDIT EA Community
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