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  • Roll Call (by timezone - East to West). Scribe Shout Out.
  • Agenda Bash
  • Kick Off Call - Jim
    • Itana Org Updates
    • Working Group Updates
      • EA Maturity Model
      • IoT Whitepaper
    • API Working Group
    • Book Club
  • Steering Committee Update
  • Face2Face 2017 Registration Open

Open Discussion:  Topics of interest for future calls:

Cloud First / Cloud Strategy U Michingan - looking at Cloud First and how to drive that from EA.. UW has a cloud/SaaS first solution preference which is a cultural shift. U Mich - is also a cultural shift. Ron Kraemer at ND pulled together a set of schools come together to talk about cloud first strategy.

Rupert's - EAs involvement in this would be interesting explore. No clear mandidate - closest is we do hybrid IT. ]

Create a working group - looking for common opportunities and Which areas are you prioritizing your focus? ERP, Research, Student? etc. Catalog the systems as to which one you would move to the cloud, which are easiest. What are the strategies to get people to actually move to/implement a cloud first strategy.

ERP Replacements Ashish - new CIO/CISO/ - ERP replacements and moving to cloud. Shutting down data center. Integration platform as a service.

DevOps Automation Rupert - UW has a Community of Practice to build out a shared practices around DevOps. Looking for opportunities to build out shared services, standards and best practices.

Betsy - new CIO as well. Wondering about direction and initiatives.

Network Security Policy, Technical Solutions New CIO at WashU in STL. Looking at networking security. Where do you inforce policy centrally or do you move to host-based. Identity based firewall. How do you extend network security into the cloud?

U. Waterloo - Defining the capabilities for each strategic area, look at impacts and then build out roadmaps for the focus areas. Are there tools that can help out with the capability mapping and roadmapping. Looking at Erin EA ( Betsy - used Mega but it wasn't useful for the business owners. Levered Sharepoint with metadata tools. University of Washington - strategy management and SoaPs - we use the wiki for this work so the end-users can own the content and edits. Evlolution Abicus - has a spreadsheet /portal front end to make it easier for people to edit their own content.


Chat Log:

Jim Phelps: Link to the Itana Face2Face session at EDUCAUSE

Jim Phelps:

Luke Tracy - UMich: Ken Klingenstein

Jim Phelps:

Jim Phelps: IoT Working Group -

Jim Phelps:

Luke Tracy - UMich: ECAR series of papers on preparing the it organization for the cloud.

Jim Phelps:

Jim Phelps:

Dave Berry: Avolution Abacus

Jim Phelps:

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