Custom panels can be saved to your Organization's panel library, but they will not persist on your dashboard.

The eduroam log viewer enables the ability to build your own panels and save them to your organization panel library.

Using the Panel creator, you can create custom panels that display the log data in new and interesting ways. Use the 'Log Browser' under the Query tab to select either the fticks (i.e. Authentication logs) or stdout (i.e. RADIUS server logs), and IdP, RP, or both. Then select 'Show logs' to see the results.

Log browser

To search for a specific string, add |= “your string” to the query. For example: {record_type="fticks"} |= "RESULT=FAIL" will return records that contain the string "RESULT=FAIL"

Transforms can be a powerful tool. to parse eduroam logs, especially the 'Extract fields' and Organize fields' transforms.