The eduroam dashboard now allows for self-service user management of eduroam Administrators. You can access this feature by clicking 'Manage eduroam Administrators' from the top navigation of your organization's dashboard.

Adding or removing eduroam Administrators sends an email notification to the other active Administrators notifying them of the change.

1. View

See a list of your organization’s roster of active eduroam Administrators.

2. Add

Add a new/existing user to your roster in the role of eduroam Administrator. If the admin has logged into an Internet2 service before, the admin will be matched on email address. If they have not already enrolled will be invited to enroll via email.

3. Remove

eduroam Adminstrators can also be removed from this screen. Removing a user has no effect on any of their other roles outside of the Organization you are editing.

4. Resend Enrollment Email

In the event that one of your users needs a new IAM enrollment email, this feature allows you to send it to their email address on record. Typically these invites expire after 7 days.