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This is a list of current Trust & Identity advisory committees and working groups.
See the list of Completed Working Groups for past working groups.

Table of Contents

Trust and Identity Advisory Committees 

GroupChairInternet2 Staff Liaison or FlywheelChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time

Internet2 Trust and Identity Division:
Program Advisory Group (PAG)

Kevin MorooneyElaine AlejoInternet2ActiveEvery other month on the second Monday, 4 pm ET

Internet2 Trust and Identity Division:
CACTI (Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity)

Margaret Cullen, Painless SecurityNicole RoyVP for Trust and IdentityActiveEvery other Tuesday, 11 am ET

InCommon Steering

Meeting minutes are public and available here.

Marc Wallman, North Dakota State UniversityElaine AlejoInCommonActiveFirst Monday of the month, 4pm ET
InCommon TAC (Technical Advisory Committee)Keith Wessel, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAlbert WuInCommon
ActiveEvery other Thursday, 1 pm ET
InCommon CTAB (Community Trust & Advisory Board)David Bantz, University of AlaskaAlbert WuInCommon SteeringActiveEvery other Tuesday, 1 pm ET

eduroam Advisory Committee (eAC)

Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska

Mike ZawackiCACTIActiveEvery four weeks on Friday, 11:00am ET

InCommon Working Groups

Working Group


Chartered by


Meeting Date/Time

SAML Subject Identifier Deployment Guidance Working GroupAndrew Morgan, Oregon State University
Joanne Boomer, University of Missouri
InCommon TACInitiatingTBD
Federation Readiness Check Working GroupMatthew Economou, RDCTInCommon TACActiveTuesdays bi-weekly at 6AM PT / 9AM ET
Federation Proxies Working GroupGrant Hudgens, University of Florida
Derek Eiler, University of Nebraska Systems
InCommon TACActiveMondays weekly at 2PM PT / 5PM ET
SIRTFI Exercise Working GroupDavid Bantz, University of Alaska
Kyle Lewis, RDCT
CTABActiveTuesdays at 11 a.m. ET
Linking SSO Working GroupBrian Arkills, University of Washington and Etan Weintraub, Johns Hopkins UniversityCACTIConcludedEvery other Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET
2024 Assured Access Working Group (AAWG2)Kyle Lewis, RDCTCTABInitiatingTBD

Software Working Groups

Working GroupChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time
Trusted Access Platform Software Integration Working Group

Keith Hazelton, Internet2

Co-chair Ethan Kromhout, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group. (Accountable to CACTI, as of July 2017)Active, as of 2019, the meetings have transitioned from a formal working group to an opportunity for small self-selected groups of Trust and Identity people to work together as needed. Formerly known as TIER Data Structures and APIs Working GroupEvery other Weds. 3 pm ET
Alternating Fridays, 10 am ET
InCommon midPoint Working GroupSlavek Licehammer, EvolveumCACTIActiveEvery other Tuesday, 10 am ET

Component Architects Group

Steve Zoppi, Internet2TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group. (Accountable to CACTI, as of July 2017)Active, Architects for the Trusted Access PlatformEvery other Monday at 1pm ET
Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) and TIER Collaboration on Provisioning and De-ProvisioningKeith Wessel, University of IllinoisBig Ten Academic Alliance CIOsActive

Grouper Working Group

Chris Hyzer, University of PennsylvaniaTrust and Identity DivisionActiveEvery other Wed, 11:30am ET for 90 minutes
PeopleSoft Integration Working GroupTommy Doan, Southern Methodist UniversityCACTIActive, focus on patterns for integration of PeopleSoft with IAM systems and the InCommon Trusted Access Platform in particularEvery other Fri, 10:00am ET for 60 min

Community-Chartered Working Groups

Working GroupChairChartered byStatus
InCommon-WorkdayCW Belcher, University of Texas at AustinCommunity CharteredActive
IAM Pros Rocky Mountain RegionKerry Havens, University of Colorado (contact)Community CharteredActive
ITANAJim Phelps, University of WashingtonCommunity CharteredActive
IAM-HERDedra Chamberlin, Cirrus IdentityCommunity CharteredActive

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