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Grey shading indicates a working group has completed its work or is on hiatus.

Working Group Summary Reports



Trust and Identity Program Advisory Groups 

GroupChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time

Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group (PAG)

Klara Jelinkova, Rice UniversityInternet2ActiveSecond Monday of the month, 4 pm ET

CACTI (Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity)

Chris Phillips, CANARIEVP for Trust and IdentityActiveEvery other Tuesday, 11 am ET

TIER Working Groups

TIER Working GroupChair/ContactChartered byStatusMeeting Date/Time
TIER Data Structures and APIs Working GroupKeith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-MadisonTIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group. (Accountable to CACTI, as of July 2017)Active, as of 2019, the meetings have transitioned from a formal working group to an opportunity for small self-selected groups of Trust and Identity people to work together as neededWeds. 3 pm ET
Fri, 10 am ET
TIER Packaging Working Group   Jim Jokl, University of VirginiaTIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group. (Accountable to CACTI, as of July 2017)ActiveMon., 4 pm ET

TIER Security and Audit Working Group

Group is currently inactive, with security for TIER components being handled by individual working groupsTIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group. (Accountable to CACTI, as of July 2017)

Inactive. Wiki has restricted access.


TIER Entity Registry Working Group

Warren Curry, University of Florida and

Benn Oshrin, Spherical Cow Group

TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group. (Accountable to CACTI, as of July 2017)Active

Weds. 3 pm ET

Fri, 10 am ET

Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) and TIER Collaboration on Provisioning and De-ProvisioningKeith Wessel, University of IllinoisBig Ten Academic Alliance CIOsActive
Grouper Deployment Guide Working Group (this group met as part of the TIER Data Structures and APIs Working Group)Bill Thompson, Lafayette CollegeTIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group

see TIER Grouper Deployment Guide

TIER Community Investor CouncilChairStatus

TIER Community Investor Council Charter (TCIC)

Klara Jelinkova, Rice UniversityFinished its work in 2018
TIER Advisory Group (retired)ChairStatus

TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group (charter)

Tom Barton, University of ChicagoComplete, replaced by CACTI in June 2017

TIER Technology Leadership

Chair/ContactStatusMeeting Date/Time

TIER Component Architects Group

Steve Zoppi, Internet2ActiveEvery other Monday at 1pm ET

Additional Trust and Identity Working Groups

Working GroupChairChartered byStatusMeeting Day/Time
Grouper Working GroupChris Hyzer, University of PennsylvaniaTrust and Identity DivisionActiveEvery other Wed, noon ET
MACE-Directories Working GroupKeith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison
and David Bantz, University of Alaska
As of 2019 this working group has been sunsetted, with stewardship of eduPerson schema moving to REFEDs. . For information on schemas, see

The URN/OID registry function is also being transitioned within Internet2
Functions transitioned to REFEDs and other venues

InCommon Working Groups

Working GroupChair(s)Chartered byStatusMeeting Date/Time

IDP as a Service Working Group

  • Mary McKee, Duke University
  • Eugene (E.J.) Monti, Duquesne University
InCommon TACActiveMondays at 1pm ET, biweekly, starting May 6, 2019
OIDC-OAuth Deployment Working GroupNathan Dors, University of WashingtonInCommon TACActiveTuesdays at 11am ET, biweekly
Deployment Profile Working GroupKeith Wessel, University of IllinoisInCommon TACComplete - Final report approved by InCommon Steering on May 6, 2019
Streamlining SP Onboarding Working Group
  • Tommy Roberson, Baylor
  • Garrett King, Carnegie Mellon
InCommon TACComplete - Final Report Approved by InCommon TAC in August 2018
Attributes for Collaboration and Federation Working GroupBrad Christ, Eastern Washington UniversityInCommon Steering, InCommon TAC and CTABComplete - Final Report Approved by Sponsoring groups, Aug 2018
OIDC Survey Working GroupAlbert Wu, UCLAInCommon TACComplete - Final Report Approved by InCommon TAC, April 2017
Per-Entity Metadata Working GroupScott Koranda, LIGOInCommon TACComplete. Final Report
Certificate Service Review Working GroupChristopher Bongaarts, University of MinnesotaAnn West,  Internet2 Associate Vice President, Trust & IdentityComplete. Final Report

Federation Interoperability Working Group

Walter Hoehn, University of MemphisInCommon TACComplete (Final Report 2016-03-03). Profile work turned over to Kantara Initiative WG-FI.

MFA Interoperability Profile Working Group

Karen Herrington, Virginia TechInCommon AAC


See final products here

New Entities Working GroupJim Jokl, University of VirginiaInCommon TACComplete (Recommendations)
External Identities Working GroupEric Goodman, University of California, Office of the PresidentInCommon TACComplete (Final Report 2015-06-11)
Alternative IdPs Working GroupJanemarie Duh, Lafayette CollegeInCommon TACComplete (Final Report 2014-12-11)
IdP of Last Resort Working GroupKeith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Steve Olshansky, ISOCInCommon TAC

Complete (Final Report 2015-06-11)

Internationalization effort, under REFEDs, is ramping up as of June 2016. See here.

Metadata Distribution Working GroupJohn Krienke, Internet2InCommon TACComplete (Phase 1 Recommendations 2013-09-05; Phase 2 Recommendations 2014-01-23
Interfederation Working GroupJim Basney, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and Warren Anderson, LIGOInCommon TACComplete (June 2013 recommendations to TAC; March 2014 Final Report to TAC)
eduGAIN Policy and Community Working Group
Teresa Semmens, North Dakota StateInCommon SteeringComplete. See Intent Paper
Social Identity Working GroupSteven Carmody, Brown, and Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-MadisonInCommon TACComplete. A follow-on activity was the External Identities Working Group
Quilt InCommon Pilots Working GroupGeorge Laskaris, NJedge.netInCommonComplete. See White Paper.

TAC = Technical Advisory Committee;

CTAB = Community Trust and Assurance Board
AAC = Assurance Advisory Committee
Gray shading indicates a working group that's completed its work or is on hiatus

InCommon Governance and Advisory Groups


InCommon Steering Committee (Governance)

Sean Reynolds, Northwestern UniversityActive
InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)Mark Scheible, MCNCActive
Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB)
Prior to 2017 this was the AAC
Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska LincolnActive

Community-Chartered Working Groups

Working GroupChairChartered byStatus
InCommon-WorkdayCW Belcher, University of Texas at AustinCommunity CharteredActive
IAM Pros Rocky Mountain RegionKerry Havens, University of Colorado (contact)Community CharteredActive
CommIT CollaborativeAnn West, Internet2 (contact)Community CharteredOn hiatus
InCommon Student Collaboration GroupAnn West, Internet2 (contact)Community CharteredOn hiatus

See Also

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