Final Report

The working group has completed its work, and the Final Report is here.

OIDC/OAuth2 Working Group

This working group will survey the campus community and ask them to share information on the problems they are trying to solve with OIDC/OAuth2. By February, 2017, the working group will collect and review use cases and summarize the findings and conclusions, as well as recommendations and/or next steps for TIER, IdP/SP federating software, InCommon, and Federation-level support. The report will include thoughts on the urgency, if any, of the recommended actions.  More information is available in the working group's Charter.

Working Group Chair: Albert Wu
Working Group Flywheel:
David Walker
Email list:   To subscribe this list, email with the subject line subscribe oidc-survey.
Email list archives:
Call schedule:
 Fridays, weekly, 12:00-1:00 ET
Agendas and Notes: OIDC Survey Working Group Agendas and Notes

The Survey


Consultation on Final Report (March 2017)

DRAFT Working Documents

Meeting Notes


Membership in the Working Group is open to all interested parties. In particular, the group should encourage international participation, and participation from the tier-api Working Group. Members join the Working Group by subscribing to the mailing list, participating in the phone calls, and otherwise actively engaging in the work of the group.

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