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The survey closed on January 20, 2017. The working group is in the process of compiling the final report. The following is our preliminary findings.


  • The OIDC Survey ran from December 22, 2016 through January 20, 2017
  • We received a total 143 responses
  • Survey was sent to the following mailing lists:
    • InCommon Participants
    • InCommon Announce
    • REFEDS
    • various University of California and Cal State technical lists
    • ITANA
    • CLAC
    • BTAA/CIC
    • Possibly other lists. We asked everyone to forward the survey invite.

Response By Region

Response by Job Role

Response Summary

  • 65% of respondents must have or are very interested in using OIDC/OAuth in API development.
  • 53% must have or are very interested in letting users sign in to OIDC/OAuth apps from multiple universities using their respective campus credentials.
  • 87.7% believe OIDC/OAuth should be built into future Shibboleth or TIER offerings.
  • 67% believe OIDC/OAuth offering should support current HE federation model.
  • We asked respondents to identify OIDC/OAuth server products they use. There was not a clear winner. The largest answer was Google (13%).
  • There were dozens of open ended OIDC/OAuth use case responses. We are still sorting through them.

Survey Response Trend - Spreadsheet showing the response evolution through 4 samplings during the survey period.

Observation So Far

  • There is likely enough demand to charge next working group to address use cases and possibly implementation recommendation - possible CACTI item
  • Potentially hold webinar to elicit/clarify additional use case details from call participants, particularly developers
  • InCommon may wish to
  • There are many efforts; we need coordination (CACTI?)




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