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The InCommon TAC's OpenID Connect (OIDC) Survey Working Group is surveying the higher education and research community for use cases they are trying to address with OIDC/OAuth2 protocols and technologies. The working group will review the results of the survey, report findings and conclusions, and recommend next steps for TIER, IdP/SP federating software, InCommon, and Federation-level support. The report will include thoughts on the urgency of the recommended actions.

The survey will be open until January 20, 2017. Please contribute your thoughts and experience. Thank you.

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Further Information

We have tried to use the following terminology consistently in this survey:

  • OIDC/OAuth. The family of protocols known as OpenID Connect, OAuth 1.0, or OAuth 2.0.

  • Identity provider. The generic concept of an entity that can provide [authentication and] identity information, i.e., a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) or an OpenID Provider (OP).

  • OpenID Provider (OP). In OIDC, a service that provides identity information.

  • Relying Party (RP). In OIDC, a service that requires identity information from an OP.

The following references provide further information about other terminology used in the survey:

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