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This consultation on Final Report of the OIDC Survey Working Group is closed. This consultation was March 6, 2017 through March 24, 2017.

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For more information about the working group, please see the OIDC Survey Working Group Home wiki space.

Final Revised OIDC Working Group Report is here (April 2017).


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1Throughout section 6.1Planning to add OIDC/OAuth protocol to existing products is warranted but more attention should probably be given at outset to importance of an Authorization Server capability. There seems to be a large gap between, on the one hand - Shib's current responsibility for authentication; Grouper's responsibility for group management - and, on the other, the need for an OIDC/OAuth-responsive infrastructure that has a fairly deep awareness of both the use case variants outlined and authorization claims at the level of business applications.B. Savage
The OIDC survey group doesn't want to be overly prescriptive of what the TIER project should do. We have, however, added Authorization Server as an example of other services that should be considered for the TIER strategy.

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