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Created September 13th, 2019

Last Updated: September 13th, 2019


CSTAAC, Cloud Services Technology Architecture Advisory Committee, is a standing architecture strategy group of community members chartered by Internet2's Vice President for NET+. CSTAAC advises Internet2's Cloud Services and NET+ program areas through interactions with other groups and with Internet2's Vice President for NET+. CSTAAC members include a broad representation from the research and education community.


Recommended membership in CSTAAC is determined by vote of the CSTAAC membership and presented to the Internet2 Vice President for NET+ for acceptance. Nominations for members will be sought from key Cloud Services related organizations as well as from the Research & Education (R&E) community at large. Membership terms are three years. Terms are staggered so that once each year some member terms come to an end and membership is refreshed. There is no limit to the number of terms that a person may be chosen to serve.

CSTAAC should be comprised of between nine and fifteen individuals whose experience and expertise together comprehend the range of cloud architectures and activities nationally and internationally and the range of constituencies that comprise the R&E sector.

CSTAAC may invite non-members to help with specific activities.

Selection of Chair

The chair will be appointed by Internet2’s VP for NET+. The chair is selected or re-selected in association with the annual membership refresh. However, a given person may not continue the role of chair beyond the remainder of their current membership term.

Duties of the Committee

  1. Provide strategic architectural input to Internet2's VP for NET+ and to Internet2's cloud and NET+ related projects and activities in support of Internet2's cloud vision. 
  2. Recommend opportunities for engagement with additional cloud service providers that complement the existing portfolio of Internet2 Cloud Services, and integrations between existing Internet2 Cloud Services that enhance the value provided by Internet2 Cloud Services. 
  3. Manage and evolve community standards for Internet2 Cloud Services and NET+, e.g., architectures, stack components, topologies, etc., and the processes by which working groups operate and Cloud Services and NET+ documents are published. Coordinate and participate with external bodies in establishing such community standards. This body officially approves and adopts such standards and processes for Internet2 Cloud Services and NET+.
  4. Foster relationships and participate with other national and international cloud architecture and cloud native activities sufficiently to maintain visibility into developments and trends that are important to R&E and to promote/advocate a coordinated approach to their implementation (e.g., CNCF)
  5. Broadly engage communities of practice and share information with existing entities that complement Internet2’s cloud vision (e.g., Educause CCCG, Cloud Forum, Higher Education Cloud Call).
  6. Create and manage community working groups as needed (and that complement existing community activities) in support of Cloud Services goals, directions, projects and activities, both time boxed and on-going.
  7. Maintain public and timely proceedings of the group's activities and of the working groups it engenders.
  8. Engage as appropriate to help achieve education and outreach objectives for Internet2 Cloud Services and NET+ projects and activities.

Voting and Decision Making

CSTAAC votes on its membership. These votes carry by plurality. In all other matters of substantial issue to this group a process of rough consensus is followed, the principles of which are described in IETF RFC 7282.

Resource Requirements and Expectations

  • The Internet2 VP for NET+ provides ordinary forms of support to enable meetings of CSTAAC and of the working groups it engenders.
  • Members will provide their own funding, as may be necessary, to attend Internet2 meetings and face to face meetings of this group.
  • The Internet2 VP for NET+ will work together with CSTAAC on an on-going basis to determine funding that may be provided to support member participation in other meetings or activities as may be required to fulfill the Duties above.

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