About Notifications

COmanage Registry has a facility for delivering Notifications, which are basically short messages with a timestamp. The following roles are defined for Notifications:

  • Actor: The CO Person who generated the Notification, perhaps indirectly.
  • Recipient: The CO Person or CO Group the Notification is sent to.
  • Resolver: The CO Person who responds to the Notification.
  • Subject: The CO Person who the Notification is about.

A Notification can simply require acknowledgment, or it can require resolution. If the Notification only requires acknowledgment, then the Recipient (the CO Person or any member of the CO Group) simply views the notification and clicks Acknowledge to dismiss the Notification. If the Notification requires resolution, then the Recipient must take the appropriate action (typically by clicking the URL included in the Notification).

The Actor can cancel a Notification before it is responded to.

Subjects can view Notifications about themselves, but are not typically directly notified.

Notifications generate History Records.

Notification Visibility

Notifications are made visible via the notification menu (the red menu with an envelope and a count) in the top bar. Notifications will remain there until acknowledged or resolved.

Additionally, if there is an email address associated with the CO Person (not Org Identity!) record for the recipient, that email address will be sent a copy of the notification.

Where Notifications Happen

Petitions (Enrollments)

  • If a notification group is defined in the corresponding Enrollment Flow, members of the group will receive Notifications requiring acknowledgment regarding the status change.
  • If a Petition changes status to Pending Approval, a Notification requiring resolution will be sent to those with the ability to approve the petition. This is (1) the approval group, if defined for the corresponding Enrollment Flow, OR (2) the group of CO Administrators AND, if the Petition was attached to a COU, the group of COU Administrators for that COU. Notifications are not sent to the COU Administrators for any parent COUs. Once anyone approves or denies the petition, the Notification is resolved.
  • If a Petition is approved and the corresponding Enrollment Flow is configured to notify on approval, a Notification requiring acknowledgment will be generated to the Enrollee. (Email verification/confirmation is handled via a separate process.)
  • If a Petition is approved and the corresponding Enrollment Flow is configured to notify on finalize, a Notification requiring acknowledgment will be generated to the Enrollee. This notification happens after identifier assignment and provisioning. Currently, this notification only happens if the petition is approved, but this is subject to change in a future release.


  • If a provisioner fails to execute successfully, under most circumstances a Notification requiring resolution will be generated and sent to the CO Administrators. Generally speaking, only CO Administrators have the ability to correct problems that cause provisioners to fail. Once the provisioner executes successfully, the Notification is resolved. (No notification will be sent under very limited circumstances that mostly apply to developing and configuring new provisioners.)


  • If configured in the appropriate Expiration Policies, Notifications requiring acknowledgment will be generated to the appropriate recipients.


Command Line

It is possible to generate Notifications from the command line. For more information, run

$ ./Console/cake notification
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