The Provisioner Job Plugin runs Provisioning.


Command Line

$ ./bin/cake job -c co -j CoreJob.ProvisionerJob [-s] model=model provisioning_target_id=ptid [entities=id[,...]]

  • co: Numeric CO ID to run Provisioning for.
  • model: Model to run Provisioning for (Groups or People).
  • provisioning_target_id: Provisioning Target ID to run Provisioning for.
  • id: Numeric IDs of the entities to Provision, as a comma separate list. If omitted, Provisioning will be run for all entities of the specified model.

Web Interface

A Reprovisioning Job can be queued via ALLConfiguration > Provisioning Targets > ⛭ > Reprovision All. This will register two background Jobs that will reprovision all People and all Groups within the CO for the selected Provisioning Target. Disabled Provisioning Targets cannot be reprovisioned.

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Changes From Earlier Versions

As of Registry v5.0.0

  • Provisioner Job is no longer known as Provision.
  • It is no longer necessary or possible to specify an action when registering a Provisioner Job.
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