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The Provisioner Job Plugin runs Provisioning for a CO.


  1. This is a core plugin, and so is enabled by default.

Usage (Asynchronous)

This Job can be used to schedule bulk reprovisioning using the UI via CO Configuration > Provisioning Targets > Reprovision All.

As of Registry v4.0.0, this Job can be used to schedule asynchronous provisioning by setting the Provisioning Target Mode appropriately.

Usage (Synchronous)

$ ./Console/cake job provisioner -s --coid co –-co_provisioning_target_id ptid --record_type (CoEmailList|CoGroup|CoPerson|CoService|All) [–-record_id recid] [–-provisioning_action action]

  • co: Numeric CO ID to run provisioning for.
  • co_provisioning_target_id: Numeric CO Provisioning Target ID to run provisioning for.
  • action: Provisioning Action to pass to provisioner plugin (default is ModelReprovisionRequested, available as of Registry v4.0.0)
  • record_type: Type of record to reprovision
  • record_id: Numeric ID of record type to reprovision
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