The Provisioner Job Plugin runs Provisioning for a CO.


  1. This is a core plugin, and so is enabled by default.

Usage (Asynchronous)

This Job can be used to schedule bulk reprovisioning using the UI via CO Configuration > Provisioning Targets > Reprovision All.

As of Registry v4.0.0, this Job can be used to schedule asynchronous provisioning by setting the Provisioning Target Mode appropriately. Queued jobs will be processed by Registry Job Shell when run with the -r flag.

Usage (Synchronous)

Registry v3.3.x

$ ./Console/cake job provisioner -s --coid co –-co_provisioning_target_id ptid --record_type (CoEmailList|CoGroup|CoPerson|CoService|All) [–-record_id recid] [–-provisioning_action action]

Registry v4.0.0 and later

This functionality is provided by the Core Job Plugin.

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