The Namespace Identifier Assigner Plugin is Experimental, and is based on a draft API.


The Namespace Identifier Assigner Plugin allows for Registry Identifier Assignment to be performed by an external system using a standard API. The API is the TAP Namespace API, a RESTful API currently in draft status.


While Identifier Assigner plugins are not instantiated, per-CO configuration of the Namespace Assigner is handled via CO SettingsNamespace Assigner Settings.

  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information.

  2. Define a new HTTP Server via ServersAdd a New Server.
  3. Attach the HTTP Server to the CO configuration via CO > ConfigurationNamespace Assigner Settings.
    1. The Server URL should be the prefix not including the /v1/allocations path. eg:
    2. If using HTTP Authentication Type of Bearer, place the token in Password and leave Username blank.
  4. As of Registry v4.2.0, select a Name Type in Namespace Assigner Settings. The Name of this type will be used in the Namespace API request. If more than one Name of this type exists, it is non-deterministic which will be selected.
  5. Define a new Identifier Assignment via CO SettingsAdd Identifier Assignment.
    1. Select the appropriate Identifier Type.
      1. (info) The name of the corresponding Extended Type will be used in the API request to the server.
    2. Set Algorithm to Plugin.
    3. Select the NamespaceAssigner plugin.


The Namespace Assigner currently only supports identifier assignment for CO People, not for other contexts.

The plugin currently sends the first Name of type official returned for the subject CO Person in the API request to the server, including given, middle, and family names (if set). No other attributes are currently supported.

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