The Duplicate Check Enroller Plugin checks whether the enrollee has been registered in the past thus preventing Enrolling again and creating duplicates. The check takes place after the start step of the Enrollment Flow. This means that the Enrollment flow should have an Introduction text configured.

Configuration (Registry v4.3.0 and later)

The Duplicate Check Enroller Plugin must be attached to the desired Enrollment Flow as an Enrollment Wedge, where it may be given a configuration specific to the selected Enrollment Flow via Enrollment Flow > Attach Enrollment Flow Wedges > Configure.


  • Environment Variable: Environmental Variable used to save the REMOTE USER, defaults to ePPN type. (See also: Consuming External Attributes via Web Server Environment Variables)
  • Identifier Type: The identifier type to query for (e.g. ePPN)
  • Redirect URL: Where to redirect after a duplicate account is confirmed. If left empty it will redirect to CO Person Canvas