The Dictionary Identifier Validator determines if an Identifier (manually or automatically assigned) matches a Dictionary Entry.

The Dictionary Identifier Validator is available as of Registry v4.0.0.


  1. This is a non-core plugin, see Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins for more information.

  2. Create the Dictionary before configuring the Plugin. The Plugin will only use the value of the Dictionary Entry. code is ignored, and order does not have any effect. (warning) Only Standard Dictionaries are supported. Do not use other Dictionary Modes.
  3. The plugin Mode configures how entries in the Dictionary are used:
    1. Contains (Case Insensitive): An Identifier that matches a substring of any Dictionary Entry will be rejected.
    2. Is Exactly (Case Insensitive): An Identifier that exactly matches any Dictionary Entry will be rejected. Exact comparisons are more efficient, but for relatively small dictionaries (a few hundred entries) the difference should be negligible.

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