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As of v2.0.0, Registry supports Attribute Enumerations, which allow the possible values of free-form fields to be constrained to a selection of pre-determined values. The following attributes can be enumerated (via CO >> Configuration >> Attribute Enumerations):

  • CoPersonRole.o (organization)
  • CoPersonRole.ou (department)
  • CoPersonRole.title
  • OrgIdentity.o (organization)
  • OrgIdentity.ou (department)
  • OrgIdentity.title

When Organizational Identities are pooled, Attribute Enumerations for OrgIdentity attributes can only be set by a platform administrator, and will apply to all COs. These enumerations are set via the Platform >> Attribute Enumerations menu.

Once at least one enumeration is defined for a given attribute, all possible data entry points for that attribute will be constrained to the enumerated values. This includes

For enumerations attached to CO attributes, if normalizations are enabled the enumerated value will be normalized.

Enumerations only apply to records as they are updated. Deleting, editing, or suspending an enumeration will not by default affect any existing records. However, if someone edits a record with a value that no longer correlates to an enumeration, the value will need to be updated before the record can be saved.

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