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An administrative enrollment flow requires per-participant action on the part of the administrator (or their delegate).  Each participant will be manually added to the CO by the CO administrator. This may be useful in a class or research group setting, where all participants are required by their participation to be on the platform.

These instructions assume that the work has been done to create the CO, and that you are an administrator for that new CO.


Steps to create an invitation-based enrollment flow

  1. Login to the COmanage Registry and select your CO
  2. Click on "Configuration" and then "Enrollment Flows"
    1. Here there are several options, including creating a new enrollment flow, copying an existing enrollment flow, or adding/restoring the default enrollment flows.
    2. One of the default options is "Conscription With Approval (Template)".  Click on the "Duplicate" button to customize and enable this enrollment flow; this will create a "Copy of Conscription With Approval (Template)" item.

  3. Rename the enrollment flow, set the status to "Active" and review the options to match your specific needs
    1. "Name" - Choose something that makes sense to you and your community
    2. "Status" - Active, Suspended, or Template. Since this flow was duplicated from an existing template, the default status is "Template".  That should be changed to "Active" before sending the link to the enrollment form to your community.

      All other options on the page include descriptions plus links to more details.

  4. Click "Save" when you have finished your configuration
  5. When back to the Enrollment Flows page, click on "Begin" for your new enrollment flow.  This will take you to the enrollment page; the URL in your browser window is the one you will distribute to your community.
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