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Keep in mind that you are actually creating your second CO. The first CO, called COmanage, is automatically created when you set up the Registry. The COmanage CO is used for various platform wide configuration tasks. Administrators in the COmanage CO are Platform Administrators.

First CO

  1. Log in to the Registry using the credentials you specified as part of the Registry Setup Script. These credentials have Platform Administrator privileges.

  2. Define a new CO.

    1. In Registry v6.0.0 and later, via COmanage CO >> Configuration >> COs.

    2. In earlier Registry versions, via Platform >> COs >> Add CO.

  3. You should define at least one CO administrator.
  4. That's it! However, in order to do something useful you (or the CO administrator) may want to
    1. Define some COUs and administrators
    2. Set up one or more enrollment flows
    3. Configure identifier assignments
    4. Define one or more provisioning targets
    5. Enable data normalization (as of v0.9.4 normalization is enabled by default)
    6. You can also define Extended Types and Extended Attributes to extend the Registry data model

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