The Internet2 NET+ team has facilitated a NET+ service evaluation for Globus. The participants have finalized the functional and compliance report. We are currently in the negotiation phase for a community customer agreement and the Internet2 Facilitation Agreement. If you would like to further information, please contact Tara Gyenis.

Service Evaluation

Status by CategoryStatus Indicator% Complete


InitiationG100%Kick-off meeting on June 15, 2023
Functional AssessmentG100%The group leveraged the matrix used for the Internet2 Data Migration RFI and documented use cases. 
SecurityG100%Globus provided their HECVAT which the group reviewed.

Globus has provided their VPAT and Luis O. Hernández Muñiz, at the University of California, Berkeley worked closely with Globus on the accessibility review.

Identity IntegrationG0%

Not required

Network IntegrationG0%Not required

Business & Legal


Globus has provided pricing for the Internet2 NET+ Globus program which has been evaluated by the service evaluation leads. Globus and Internet2 are negotiating the Facilitation Agreement and reviewing the Customer Agreement.

NET+ Globus Service Evaluation Participants

  • Dan Haven, University of Pittsburgh
  • Jim Leous, Penn State
  • John Entrup, Cornell University
  • Luis O. Hernández Muñiz, University of California, Berkeley
  • Ian Crew, University of California, Berkeley
  • Sam Porter, University of Maryland, Sponsor
  • Jon Mitchell, University of Washington

      To Contact the Service Evaluation group

      Email: Tara Gyenis 



Service Documentation and Resources

Globus Welcome Kit

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