The Internet2 NET+ team is pleased to announce the completion of the NET+ service evaluation of DryvIQ. DryvIQ has been in the NET+ portfolio for a number of years, and this recent effort in 2023 was focused on a new agreement which included adding Migrate to the NET+ DryvIQ offering.

Service Evaluation

Status by CategoryStatus Indicator% Complete


InitiationG100%Kick-off meeting took place on June 13, 2023
Functional AssessmentG100%The service evaluation was scoped to assess the Migrate module. 
SecurityG100%The review of the DryvIQ HECVAT and security documentation was completed in August 2023. 

UC Berkeley reviewed and provided comments to DryvIQ regarding their VPAT. The following language was added to the Internet2 Customer Agreement for DryvIQ:

Provider agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to provide accessibility measures for Customers’ use of the Services at Provider’s sole and reasonable discretion. Provider further agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to develop new features and functionality, as Provider deems necessary, in the Services, taking into account federal disability laws, including Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Level AAA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. Provider agrees to work in good faith with Internet2 and Customers to identify features and functionalities of the Service where accessibility measures and efforts may be taken; provided, however, that Provider has no obligation to implement such features and functionalities. Provider will provide periodic updates at Internet2’s written request to Internet2 and the Internet2 NET+ Provider Advisory Board of its efforts (if any) to make the Services more accessible consistent with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Level AAA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

Identity IntegrationG0%

Not required. The Migrate module is an an on-prem solution used primarily by system admins.

Network IntegrationG0%Not required. The Migrate module is an on-prem solution, so Internet2 members can leverage their connectivity to the Internet2 network.

Business & Legal


DryvIQ has accepted the NET+ Customer Agreement template.

NET+ DryvIQ Service Evaluation Participants

  • Damian Doyle, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • David Cavalieri, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Helen Hockx-Yu, University of Notre Dame
  • Jon Mitchell, University of Washington
  • Luis O. Hernandez Muniz, University of California, Berkeley
  • Steven Nguyễn, University of Minnesota

      To Contact the Service Evaluation group

      Email: Quyen Vaillant 



Service Documentation and Resources

DryvIQ HECVAT available upon request

DryvIQ VPAT available upon request

Community Resources

  • 10/26 Webinar: Watch to learn about the agreement updates, CU-Boulder's migration leveraging DryvIQ and more!

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