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Registry offers two ways to find operational records: Filtering and Searching (also called "Global Search").


Filtering involves navigating to the main index view for a type of object (including configuration objects). Once there, it is possible to filter the list of objects by specifying attributes in the filter form. Most views support filtering.


Searching ("Global Search") operates across the entire Registry. If an exact match for a given search term is found, the resulting match record will be displayed, otherwise a set of search results, grouped by object type, will be presented. Each model determines how to handle a search, including which fields to search, whether to look for a substring or an exact string, and whether to tokenize the search term (ie: split it on spaces and treat each token individually). The following models support searching:

  • Address* (street, tokenized)
  • Department (name, tokenized)
  • EmailAddress* (mail, exact match only)
  • EmailList (name)
  • EnrollmentFlow (name, tokenized)
  • Group (name, tokenized)
  • Identifier* (identifier, exact case sensitive match only)
  • Name* (given, middle, family, tokenized)
  • Person (via associated models)
  • PersonRole (title, o, ou, tokenized; also via associated models)
  • Service (name, tokenized)
  • TelephoneNumber* (identifier, exact case sensitive match only)
  • Registry Plugins may implement custom search backends

*Only records associated with a Person or PersonRole are currently supported. Searching records associated with an External Identity is not currently supported. (CO-1537)

Any CO Person may perform a search within the CO, however the search results will be limited to the records they have permission to see.

Search Limits

The number of records returned for each model supported by Global Search is limited in order to avoid performance issues for large datasets. By default, this limit is 500 records, but the limit can be changed via CO Configuration CO Settings > Global Search Limit. Note that any given search may return more or less than this number of records since the limit is enforced within each searched model.

Limiting Searched Models

For large deployments, it may be desirable to limit the scope of Global Search in order to improve performance. When enabled (via COConfiguration > Limit Global Search Scope), only the following models are searched:

  • EmailAddress
  • Identifier
  • Name
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