Trouble logging into eduroam Federation Manager? Check out our Internet2 Identity Services FAQ:

What is the difference between a support contact and a reporting contact?

  • A support contact is the publicly listed way for another eduroam Admin to get in contact with you. They get published as your public subscriber contact on our website here:

  • Anyone listed as a reporting contact will receive an emailed subscriber report for eduroam at the beginning of each month.

What is the “account_that_its_ok_to_reject” account?

  • The national servers send RADIUS authentication requests to each IdP periodically to check whether the IdP is alive.  As long as the IdP responds (accept or reject), then the national servers know the IdP is alive.  This “account_that_its_ok_to_reject” account is used in that request.

Should I authenticate users in my own domain before sending them to eduroam US?

  • Yes. eduroam US will reject requests send to it from the same domain the server is registered with.

Can my users have users exist in a realm other than the one that I have registered with eduroam?

  • Yes. We check that all users match your realm name or a sub domain of your realm name.
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