We had four attendees at the Face2Face Meeting, Randy Miotke and Jeff Ruch are our technical team members, Scott Baily our campus lead, and Dave Hoffman from project management. Our entire group found the experience very worthwhile and came back with a lot of positive feedback.

Our technical team, through discussion and presentations, are now looking to use COmanage as the source of record for the external to CSU population and then provision to midPoint registry. We will use midPoint as the primary entity registry and leverage its provisioning capabilities. They both appreciated the Grouper office hours that were provided as several items that they were struggling with were resolved on-site.

From a project management perspective, developing networking with other institutions and discussing common issues was important. Moving forward, collaboration around how to better engage and work with vendors is something that needs to continue. Along with our technical team, he found that discussion regarding implementation plans around Midpoint and sharing of project plans will be invaluable as we begin looking at this process.

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