Our team at CSU is in the final stages of implementing COmanage for use as an entity registry with account linking capabilities for use with our department of University Advancement’s Donor Connect system. Here’s how it will work:  

A user will go to the Advancement website to access the Donor Connect system; this is our first service provider where we will be implementing this process and there is interest from other departments and system for future expansion. The user will be given options of logging in with the CSU Identity Provider or if the user is not affiliated with CSU another discovery service like Google, Facebook, MSN, etc. Once they select the system they prefer, they will be redirected to that site for authentication. Upon successful login to that system and permission has been granted to share account information with the service provider the Social to SAML gateway will route them back to the Donor Connect page.

At this point, our system will look for a match in our LDAP directory; if there is no match, the user will be put through a verification process. Once they have been verified their information will be logged in COmanage. If the user is already affiliated with CSU they will be in the registry from the data load from our internal HR and Student systems. We will then have both internal and external records in the COmanage Registry.

It will create a unique ID that ties multiple accounts to one person for a quicker authorization process for future access. There is a provisioning process set up to send COmanage person and identity data to the LDAP directory in order for it to be logged and a match to be found the next time a user logs in. There is also a provision in Grouper that sends group data which is also pulled from our internal CSU systems to the LDAP directory.

As of today, person data from CSU systems has been loaded into COmanage and group data has been loaded into Grouper. COmanage and LDAP have production instances in place and the Grouper production instance is being finalized based on deployment guidelines. After this project launches our team will look at containerized versions.  

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