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New2EA WG 2022 Program
New2EA WG 2022 Program


DateTime (US Pacific)Time (US Eastern)Time (GMT)*
Thursday, October 610:30am-12pm1:30pm-3pm5:30pm-7pm
Wednesday, October 1910:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm5:30pm-9pm
Wednesday, November 1610:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, December 1410:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, January 1110:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, February 810:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, March 810:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, April 1210:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm5:30pm-9pm
Wednesday, May 310:30am-1pm1:30pm-4pm5:30pm-8pm

*Note.  Please double check the time in your time zone.

New2EA Planning Team

Beth Schaefer (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Betsy Draper (Kansas State)

Henry Pruitt (New York University)

Jacob Morris (University of Washington)

jeff kennedy (University of Auckland)

Jim Phelps (University of Washington)

Louis King (Yale University)

Mona GuerraZarei (University of California, San Diego)

Piet Niederhausen (University of Washington)

titleNew2EA 2022-2023 Cohort Content

Useful links for the 2022 - 2023 Cohort.

Google Folder for the course:  New2EA 2022-2023 Cohort Content

Google Folder for the Student created content: New2EA 2022-2023 Student Files

Form for getting help:

Email the planning committee:

Code of Conduct.  Itana reserves the right at its sole discretion to expel anyone, from all current and future events, whose conduct is not in keeping with these expectations.