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Integration Overview  - Considerations for integrating Grouper with an application

Provisioning Service Provider Next Generation - as of Grouper 2.3

Provisioning Service Provider  - Handles provisioning in Grouper  2.1 and above (replaces Ldappc and Ldappc-ng)

Grouper Messaging - allows messages to be sent and received from a messaging system 
Grouper Loader - Automatically manage Grouper memberships based on a data source
Subject API - Used to integrate a java application with a site's existing Identity Management operations
Notification (Change Log)  - Grouper can incrementally integrate with or provision external systems.
Hooks - Create connections from the Grouper API to your custom code
External Subjects - Managing external subjects.
Sync Grouper with another Grouper - Allows two group management systems to share a group.
Integer ID's on Grouper Objects - These integers can be used, for instance, as UNIX GIDs.
Shibboleth Integration (Grouper 2.1 and above) - Grouper as a Data Connector Extension for Shibboleth (newer architecture)
Shibboleth Integration (Prior to Grouper 2.1) - Grouper as a Data Connector Extension for Shibboleth.
Exposing Groups Through Shibboleth 
ESB Connector - Integrating Grouper with an event-driven ESB architecture.
Notifications - Java interface for handling Grouper events
XMPP Notifications - Handling XMPP Notifications
Grouper integration with Kuali Rice - Use Grouper groups in Kuali applications and middleware, and use Kuali Enterprise Workflow in Grouper groups management.
Grouper integration with uPortal -  Grouper uPortal integration.
Grouper integration with SCIM - SCIM stands for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (this integration is available in Grouper 2.2 and above).
Grouper Atlassian Connector - Allows you to manage Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) groups and person information.
Grouper VOOT Connector - Implements the VOOT specification for cross-domain read access to groups.
SQL Integration - Accessing Grouper data from SQL
Grouper Remedy Integrationintegration with Remedy (SaaS) and Digital Marketplace
Grouper Azure Provisioner -  synchronizes Grouper groups and users to Microsoft Azure Active Directory/Office 365