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 This topic is discussed in the "Grouper Integration" training video.

Grouper Integration

To be aware of the future direction for Grouper provisioning, see  Grouper Provisioning Plans 

Integrating Grouper with an application may involve Web Services, Grouper Client, LDAP, SAML, XMPP notification or other tools. You design the integration to suit the requirements of your site.

Important decisions when designing the integration include:

  • Should authorization to access the application be groups-based or  permissions-based?
  • Use LDAP or Web Services or SAML entitlements?
  • Use cached data versus live calls?
  • Use the Grouper API or a local representation?

For a full discussion of these topics watch the "Grouper Integration" training video.

You may also want to review the LDAP training video and the Connectors Training Video.

See Also

******  Grouper Provisioning Plans *****

Use case of Grouper Integration with Active Directory at University of Washington

Use case of Grouper Integration with Qualtrics at University of Pennsylvania

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