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Grouper-uPortal Integration Needs

uPortal's group related services

  • GAP: Groups And Permissions
    Gather groups from configured group stores
  • UI to manage groups and permissions
  • PAGS: Person-Attribute Group Service
    Present group memberships from attributes in user's security context
  • PD: Person Directory
    Gather Subjects from configured stores

Integration phases

Phase I:

  • Read-only GAP interface for grouper
    WS client to allow grouper groups to be used in the portal.

Phase II:

  • Make GAP interface read-write
  • Source adapter to let portal-local Subjects to be in grouper groups
  • New group admin UI in the portal

Phase III:

  • Refactor PAGS to extricate it from GAP and integrate with PD
  • Add tools to pull groups from external sources into grouper

Phase I enables deployments to tightly integrate Grouper groups with uPortal.

With Phase II, uPortal can outsource its internal group management to Grouper.

With Phase III, further implementation of GAP can be discontinued as an aspect of on-going uPortal development. The GAP interface will continue to be an important part of the uPortal environment, however.

Questions, concerns, loose ends

As these crop up, they can be recorded here.

  1. How does the set of databases that are tested with uPortal compare with those tested with Grouper?

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