Below are the Pluses (plus), Deltas (minus), Big Ideas (warning) and Questions (question) from each day.

Notes about the content below

If I saw the same thing multiple times, I put a +# in front of it to show that multiple people called out the same item.  If we did something in response to a sticky, I put the thing we did in (parens) after the item.

Day 1 -  Setting up how we work, working through one example.

(plus) Pluses, Things that worked well.

Having a SME and Researchers at each table

Meeting People & Working Together

Lots of tacit knowledge in the room

Good sharing as a group

Excellent workshop process

Really good "warm-ups" for the start of the meeting

Small groups are conductive to relationship building. Will be good for remote collaborations in future

Good to have an ITANA board member at each table

We have "enough"structure to be productive good flexibility too

Right people to talk about various subjects

Internalizing understanding

Insights from "the trenches"

Excellent collaborators

Drive good productive work

Normalizes understanding

add resources and links in Google doc

Identifying upfront what we know and weak areas

Good to have SME at table with so little time

A diversity of technical views of the group

Investment Value Matrix is a great strategic planning tool but needs to have consensus of business value

(warning) Big Ideas

Publish the results as an ITANA handbook

Need common nomenclature

Capture synonyms (created the Work Process Chart)

Levels of complexity in seemingly simple approaches

Should we identify our (TIANA) capabilities? This would provide an alternative view than just tools (Shared the ITANA Capability Map)

Will need to follow up with work e.g., to relate the models (Did the categorization mapping)

(minus) Deltas, Things we should change or do differently.

(Note. I added the changes we made to deal with the delta's the next day in parens)

+4 Time management in break-out groups. (next day projected a timer and gave time checks)

Get the big ideas first, then details (created the Work Process Chart)

Not everyone was introduced at the beginning of the meeting (did this the next day)

Need someone to facilitated to keep focus on critical items

How to explain the value of EA or how it generates customer value. (The mantra: Get the Right People in the Right Conversation about the Right Problem)

(question) Questions

How do we capture the value of the F2F process

How do we share this after the F2F

How are the tools interconnected (showed the Business Strategy on a Page that had Capabilities at its center)

Post workshop curation of artifacts (We asked for Stewards for each artifact)

Establishment of Architecture Practice

Artifact needed to communicate the relationships that explain value - value chain map?

Are we intending to improve the artifacts? Or document them? Both?

Inserting screenshots, diagrams in docs

Break up within the table to work on different sections

Is it possible to create the unified meta-vision

What makes higher ed so much different that other businesses?


Day 2 -  Working through most of the artifacts, categorization.

(plus) Pluses, Things that worked well.

(+1) Moving between different groups was good for meeting people

Good management of the meeting process

We got through a lot of tools

(+1) The final categorization and usage of the tools. Very Cool.

The "organize the methods" exercise produced great alternative approaches

Really great participation and diversity of approaches

(+1) Fabulous lunch!

Building concepts and methods together was a great way to create shared understanding

Tons of knowledge in the room resulted in highly effective learning amongst the group

Gaining a general understanding of all the tools

Complementary skills: worked well together

Sufficient time in small groups

Teams got into the groove and were more productive

Learning about different situations to use the tools

Categorization exercise focused on when vs. why

My brain is tired and I need a beer

Summary presentations at end

Many new methods and applications to take back


(warning) Big Ideas

Define your axis and criteria for choosing coordinates

There is opportunity for this kind of exercise to be used to share how to mature our EA practice

Add risk/mitigation to template

An ITANA - InCommon works on IAM implementation of these tools

(minus) Deltas, Things we should change or do differently.

(Note. I added the changes we made to deal with the delta's the next day in parens)

Would like to have more down time, work over longer period. Start and end later with longer breaks.

Too much rain.

Still much "revisit" work to do on many methods

Still feel a bit rushed. Need to reflect more on these.

(question) Questions

"Maintain" learnings

A categorization artifact?

Often finding difficulty to see direct connection with customer service investments

Whats next for any needed alterations to the methods.


Day 3 -  Final Revisit, What will you take back, recap.

(plus) Pluses, Things that worked well.

Thank you for agreeing to be stewards (of the artifacts)

It's all good

 Stronger community of practice

Helped to advance EA maturity

Thank you, Jim!! Well done

Lots of energy

Insights and discussions

Practical examples

Additional relationship building

Facilitation and work style discussion

Thought and sharing on tools of "personal" interest

Productive workshop

Well organized, well run event

Learned a lot from all of the diverse backgrounds

Location of conference ideal - conducive to working

Facilitation and structure was very effective

Transformation in 2 days from individuals to collaborative team. Very cool to be part of.

Process really created a sense of ownership and accountability to ITANA

Discussion of what we plan to use is a good transition back to regular work life

Revisiting items after a night's sleep was great

Very effective and efficient way to learn about EA practice


(warning) Big Ideas

Need to do work on facilitation (skills and practices) and engagement (skills)

ITANA on processes of EA

Involve people who are interested in creating the .... introductions to the methods .... (ed. Sorry couldn't read this one in the photo. If it is yours, let me know.)

Reach out to ITANA for advice on which artifact best suites situations.

May be value to reconcile / conflate these tools to EA Frameworks / methodologies) e.g. TOGAF, Zachmann, FEA

Map to visualize members

Maintaining out momentum

Artifacts are part of a narrative. Pick a few that go together for an engagement.

Formalize and evangelize facilitation as a tool

Group picture (see the Photos from the Meeting)


(minus) Deltas, Things we should change or do differently.

(Note. I added the changes we made to deal with the delta's the next day in parens)

Better meeting space

Wish we would have been on campus to learn more about it

Planned evenings for more socializing

More facility bandwidth - wireless issues

Work distractions

Need to visualize when presenting

Crowdsource list of things to put into the backlog prior to the unconference

(question) Questions



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