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Enterprise Architects use a variety of conceptual models and tools to convey their ideas, such as:

 What will it do for us?When or where should I use it?What does it cover?
Brick Diagrams
  • Give IT teams (and potentially their customers) a shared framework for change in technology solutions
  • Gain agreement on solutions that will be explored, planned, implemented, or phased out.
IT service management; changing technology solutions over time and across teams.Multiple technology solutions owned by IT teams across an organization.
Pace Layers   
Capability Maps
Core Diagrams
TIME Models
Dot Diagrams
Engagement Value Matrix
Semantic Data Models
Process Maps
  • Give business and IT stakeholders a shared framework for understanding business processes; gain agreement on the context and scope of business processes.
Project or service scoping; assessing business pain points and process improvement needs.Business processes in a business domain or subdomain, usually crossing multiple organizational units.
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