Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin-Madison (chair)
Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Glenn Donaldson, The Ohio State U.
Jim Leous, Penn State U.
Chris Eagle, U. Michigan
Wayde Nie, McMaster U.
Sharif Nijim, Notre Dame
Irene Mark, U. British Columbia
Paul Ericksen, U. Nebraska
John Grover, U. Maine
Colleen Nagy, Case Western
Leo De Sousa, BCIT
Paul Hobson, U. British Columbia
Piet Niederhausen, Georgetown University
Steve Olshansky, Internet2 (scribe)

*Carryover Action Items*
AI (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle.
AI (All) Think about topics for potential Educause session(s).


  • New to Higher Education Peer-Group - First Google+ Hangout

Topics going forward include:

  • telecommuting
  • resisting and embracing change
  • risk acceptance and avoidance
  • external pressures/expectations and views, e.g.
  • commercial pressures on quarterlies, v. higher-ed
    pressures from students and extended community
  • tradition of innovation in higher-ed

Graphical tools like this can be useful to simplify and communicate to stakeholders...

  • Review future items
  • Rolling out a new SIS
  • Defining and promoting the architecture brand (suggested by Scott F.)
  • OpenStack.org - Open Cloud Platform - UC Berkeley and UW-Madison
  • Job Descriptions and Skills for EAs - Paul Hobson
  • Archimate Panels
  • Why would you use an EA tool? What are the goals of making artifacts? What is the purpose of these artifacts? Does a heavy-weight EA Tool add enough value to outweigh the price and heaviness of the tool itself. Can we find a case-study or two. Do we not do this for a University because the Univ. is so diverse and unstructured et al or historical (we just haven't invested in the effort) or is it that we can't afford to make the investment. This is might be outcome dependent - you need to look at how much transformation you are trying to achieve. This is like SOA, if you are doing this correctly it is for agility. Higher Ed might not want the agility and adaptability that this investment would help deliver.
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