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Logistics Items for 2015

This is the catch bin for items the Face2Face 2014 team want to remember/pass on to the Face2Face 2015 team.

  • Talk with EDUCAUSE about an ITANA badge ribbon
  • Fliers with schedule for ITANA
  • New business cards with new tag line
  • Fliers with "About" info to put with the poster and hanging box.
  • Hanging box for business cards

Remember These Items* Bring stickers for voting

  • Bring pens for putting names on stickers
  • Request multiple sticky-backed flip charts
  • Bring Blue Masking Tape

Logistics for (un)Conference 2013

  • Rules:
    • The People:  Each topic must have identified two people:
      • Champion - someone who will pitch the topic and who will lead the initial effort if it takes off.  Note that the Champion doesn't have to lead the whole effort but they must be willing to take it back to ITANA and lead the initial team building, chartering portion of the effort.  They need to be willing to take the effort to the call, represent the discussion at the (un)Conference and float the idea with ITANA at large.  A new Working Group or Peer Group leader may take over at that point.
      • Scribe - someone who will capture the discussion around the topic at the (un)Conference and post it to the wiki.
    • The Pitch:  3 Minute Pitch, 2 Minutes for clarifying questions
    • The Deliverables:
      • There are two sets of deliverables.
        • The first is the deliverables from the (un)Conference.  This consists of a capture of the drawing used in the pitch, who volunteered to work on the idea going forward and the cleaned up notes from the scribe.
        • The second set of deliverables is what you are pitching.  Your pitch should include deliverables from the engagement you are proposing - like it is a company.  What will be the outcome from the effort you are pitching
      • Map the engagement's deliverables to the Strategic Capabilities for ITANA.  Ask and answer the question about what role, if any, this effort plays in:
        • Practice Development
        • Knowledge Transfer
        • Community Building and/or
        • Outreach
    • Pitching - draw a picture on a flip-chart sheet and post it on the wall.   Put your name (print clearly) as Champion on the sheet and the name of the scribe.   You have three minutes to describe your idea.  You will be timed and stopped mid-sentence at three minutes.  The participants have two minutes for clarifying questions.  You can pitch more than one idea.  Each follows the same rules above.  Do not join two engagements or ideas into one pitch.  Stay by your drawing.
    • Voting - Each person will get three blank stickers.  Clearly print your name on the stickers.  These are your votes.  You get 3 votes.   Take your stickers and place them on the topic(s) you are most interested in.  You can use multiple votes on one topic at the (un)Conference.
    • Break-out or Work Together - Depending on the number of people at the (un)Conference and the number of topics with many votes, will then decide if we are working together as a single group or breaking into smaller sub-groups.
      • Working Together - if we are working together, we will take the top vote getting topic and flesh it out well enough so that it could be chartered.  The goal is to frame it to where a version 1 charter could be written.  If there is a tie between the top vote getters, we will do a raise your hand vote to split the tie.  If it is still tie, the Chair will break the tie.
      • Break-out - if we break out, people will be asked to go stand with the topic they want to work on.  If there are singleton topics, we will ask them to move with a group.  Each group will need a Champion, Scribe and team member(s).  The scribe can be a different person from the pitch scribe.  
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