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ITANA  Minutes - 4-February-2010


Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin-Madison (chair)
Chris Aburime, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Marina Arseniev, University of California Irvine
David Bantz, University of Alaska
Tom Barton, University of Chicago
Tom Dopirak, Carnegie Mellon University
Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Paul Hobson, Cardiff University
Jennifer Lambert, University of Puget Sound
Jim Leous, Penn State University
Piet Niederhausen, Georgetown University
Steve Olshansky, Internet2
Ron Theilen, University of Chicago
Ann West, Internet2
Dean Woodbeck, Internet2 (scribe)


Minutes from the Jan. 21 call were approved and are on the wiki.

Action Items

(AI) Jim will compile the questions and comments posed concerning cloud computing and the Shel Waggoner discussion scheduled for March 18. He will place these on the wiki for review and also set up a phone call with Shel to build an agenda.

(AI) Jim plans to follow up with the email list about who has participated in specific EA training sessions.

Carryover Action Items

(AI) Keith, Ron, and Jim will develop a wiki page on workflow graphical modeling tools that includes sets of facets that will allow for the evaluation and grading of the tools.

Update: Keith will talk to Ron and also post some items on the wiki workflow page.

(AI) Keith will set up a call to also include Piet, Jim, Eric, and Tom - they comprise a group that will identify campuses with operating workflow management systems, will develop a common set of interview questions, and will talk with the identified campuses and write-up the results.


Jim set up a draft CIO survey in SurveyMonkey and distributed the URL to the email list. He is asking for feedback by February 11.

Proposed Face2Face

Mike Daley, Eric Westfall, Ron Thielen, and Jim Phelps met to develop a strategy for agenda building for a proposed Face2Face. The group's notes are on the wiki ( The February 18 ITANA call will include time for brainstorming topics for the F2F using Adobe Connect (

Campuses Active in EA Frameworks

Marina Arseniev, Piet Niederhausen, Rich Stevenson and Scott Fullerton are ready to begin work to identify campuses active in the area of EA frameworks, tools and repositories. They will also develop a common set of interview questions, talk with the identified campuses and write up the results. The first agenda item is to develop a focused scoping statement about tools, repositories and frameworks - definitions and our goal in each area.

On further discussion regarding scoping this project, the suggestion is to focus on the framework piece and concentrating on what are traditionally thought of as frameworks (TOGAF, for example). Piet agreed to be the wiki wonk for the group.

Marina also reported that UC Irvine is undergoing an IT consolidation and enterprise architecture is starting to emerge (somewhat). Some of the business units and technical people have started working on IT principles.

Jim reported that he has been working with the registrar's office at the University of Wisconsin to demonstrate the effectiveness of enterprise architecture, with the intention of using this experience to move on to other interested business units.

Campuses Active in Workflow

Piet, Jim, Eric, Keith and Tom comprise a group that will identify campuses with operating workflow management systems, will develop a common set of interview questions, and will talk with the identified campuses and write-up the results. (AI) Keith will set up a call for the group.

Cloud Computing

Shel Waggener from UC Berkeley has agreed to join the March 18 ITANA call for a discussion about cloud computing. There was a discussion concerning whether the constituent group should provide questions to Shel ahead of time and/or whether he might provide questions for the working group.

There was also a thought that Shel be asked to identity an article or other information that might serve as a level-set for the discussion - what he means when he says "cloud services). Keith mentioned that he has an article that is a useful first introduction to the basic cloud space: <> (note: you need to set up a DZone account to access with refcard).

Some topics posed by the group on the call:

  • agreements with another university to provide one-another data center back-up services
  • how does organizational maturity affect how we decide what to do in terms of cloud computing?. What determines when you are ready to ascend to the cloud?
  • outsourcing (wholesale outsourcing of email, for example), as opposed to operating a service that exists in the cloud (such as Chris Hyzer's current experiment of running Grouper in the cloud).
  • change management processes necessary for leveraging cloud services. How does incident management work in the cloud?
  • CSG has a cloud services group - they have been looking at how to state the value proposition for central IT in a cloud services world. How do we continue to provide value though central IT with the growth in cloud services?
  • what are the privacy implications of cloud computing - that is, putting your data in the hands of a third-party provider.

(AI) Jim will compile these questions and comments on the wiki for review and also set up a phone call with Shel to discuss this and to build an agenda.

Enterprise Architecture Training

There was a discussion about sources for enterprise architecture training. Some sources cited include:

  • EDUCAUSE session by Charles Sturt University
  • Zachman weeklong sessions in Arizona
  • TOGAF week-long sessions

For the most part, those who have attended sessions found them useful in helping to learn how to get started, learn the models and learn the basics; as well as formalize your approach to EA. Some organizations offer certification, which doesn't particularly interested most of those commenting during this call.

Jim plans to follow up with the list at large about who has participated in specific training sessions.

Next Meeting - Thursday, Feb. 18
2 p.m. EST / 1 p.m. CST / Noon MST / 11 a.m. PST

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