Status update

  1. We now have 14 respondents.  Could you please take a look at the results so far:
  2. Tabulation in progress.  The transcriptions have not been double checked for accuracy.
  3. SOA capabilities of products: Rich, were you able to interview Linda Feng?
  4. In some cases I’ve started summing up results: Is this helpful?  Or is this misleading because the numbers are so small?
  5. As per an earlier email: our Educause presentation proposal was not accepted.  But we still need to think about repurposing the results of the survey

Next steps:

Additional impressions for the themes section

Ideas for the f-2-f:

  1. 10 minute overview of survey?
  2. Round-table discussion (who want to participate?)
  3. Themes or case studies?

Other ideas…

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