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Attendees: Rich Cropp, Louis King, Jacob Morris

Topic/Theme Order:

Being an "Architect" - shifting your focus and skills1/15 2020 New Year Architect Resolutions
  1. seeding the ideas, not blank slate
  2. proposed resolutions
  3. Give an overview of the Itana wiki


Prioritizing Your Time - making room for shifting your focus and skills

Jacob (facilitate)

  1. Defining what is Important (Institutional priorities, your team's, etc.)
    1. How does this align to the 3-5 work goals my organization has for me? (working backwards - mine < my team < IT org < university )
    2. Is this in scope or out of scope? For me? For my team? ... For the university?
    3. What about your professional development goals?
    4. How do you negotiate and codify this? Work plan?
  2. Important vs Urgent (quadrant) - how much time spent? (pie chart)

  3. The 4 D's (Drop, Delay, Delegate, Do)

  4. Defending your calendar (which pie slice are you working on?)
  5. What other examples do you have for prioritizing your own time?


Influencing Strategies & Difficult Conversations

Louis (present/facilitate)

  1. Saying No deftly
  2. Accepting No deftly
  3. Using influence over the long term
  4. Influence in those difficult conversations
  5. Importance of maintaining relationships for success



Chris (present/facilitate?)





  1. Being an "Architect" - shifting your focus and skills
    1. Prioritizing your own time
      1. Defending your calendar
      2. Important vs Urgent (quadrant)
      3. The 4 D's (Drop, Delay, Delegate, Do)
      4. What other examples do you have for prioritizing your own time?
  2. Growing an EA Practice
    1. Prioritizing the projects you take on
  3. Fitting the Organization
  4. Architect Survival Kit (on the Itana wiki)

Action Items

Theme Ideas from December 2019 Meeting:

  1. 'Wrangling' engagements
    • Soliciting/eliciting requirements
    • Size/shaping engagements
  2. Shifting your skills and focus (from tech/analyst → Architect)
  3. Next-level Facilitation
    • Biz req's → approach and a specific use case
    • Strategic thinking
    • Facilitation on specific artifacts
  4. Managing/Growing an EA Practice
    • How to manage and grow your practice
    • Capacity-building models for the EA capability
      • how they have been used, models that people like
    • Determining your start-up outcomes to help deliver value to your institution
    • How to create a talent pipeline for EA and architecture skills
  5. Your EA Practice and Fit into your Organization
    • EA in ITSM
    • EA and IT Governance
    • EA and PMO
    • EA and the rest of IT staff (central, decentralized, etc.)
    • Roles and capabilities (Design Thinking, etc.)to help with change 
    • EA as a Service
    • Gartner: internal consultancy
    • Architecting the IT Organization: Clarifying the Contributions of Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, and ITSM to the IT Value Chain

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