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Plan the schedule and topics for the next several New2EA meetings

Assign any required follow-up work

Discuss workgroup documents.

Potential upcoming topics:

Session 03 - 4/24

Developing an EA Scope / Strategy on a Page

  • Introductions - 10 minutes
  • Presentation Deck - 20 minutes (Piet and/or Chris Eagle)
  • Everyone take "I" time - 5 minutes
  • Then short presentations from each participant - 15 minutes
  • Homework:
    • Create and share scopes by 5/1 @ Noon
    • Review each others by COB
    • Have "experts" review on 5/6-7 for discussion on 5/8

A Google Template - copied for each participant

Session 04 - 5/8

Reflecting on EA Scope / SoaPs

  • Review the Homework with an expert (e.g. Piet and/or Chris Eagle, etc.)
Session 05 - 5/22Communicating your EA practice to leadership
Session 06 - 6/5What capabilities (resources and assets) does your practice have?

Session 07 - 6/19

Follow-up Panel Session

  • on outstanding questions and new questions generated by New2EA WG
Session 08 - 7/17

Assessing the maturity of your EA practice

Session 09 - 7/31EA article swap and discussion

What about EA Maturity Model? 

  • Scope is very much a requirement

Developing an EA Scope / Strategy on a Page (SoaP)

How do we incorporate the "Tools", frameworks, artifacts, techniques methods aspect into future topics?

Action Items: 

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