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  • Itana Steering Group members will work with self identified leaders to start the New2EA Working Group.

Discussion items

5 minIntroductionsLouis & Chris
  1. See Attendees
5 min Steering Group SupportLouis & Chris 
  1. Support working group setup
  2. Participate in early planning and initial meetings
  3. A sounding board for ideas
  4. Resources to use in your program
  5. A conduit to the Itana Community Group
  6. A conduit to other Educause and professional community groups
10 minWorking Group StartupLouis & Chris
  1. Review Charge to Working Groups
    1. Strategic capabilities
    2. Service capabilities
    3. Community-Facing Capabilities
    4. Supporting Capabilities/Service Capabilities
  2. Draft Charter
  3. Prioritize topics
  4. Identify types of activities and desired outcomes
  5. Schedule events
  6. Set up administrative approach
  7. Establish group leadership
30 minPrioritize Initial Topics and Discuss ActivitiesAll
  • Topics collected via survey:
  • Discussion of New2EA for the first time as a contributor, New2EA for a reset, I missed the third???
    • A new EA contributor to an established practice
    • Launching an EA practice from scratch
    • Relaunching/reset EA
  • What is unique about Higher Education EA
    • This is a helpful thing to think about
    • Access to a range of possible roles could be useful
  • How can I approach EA in a structured way

What does an EA do on a typical day? What are you doing and producing.

    • You can do an interview of people who are practicing to find out (potential New2EA activity)
      • Jim-Mostly politically manage up
        • Our 4 architects at UW might have some really different answers
  • Perhaps surveying a broad array of practices might be of interest.
    • Architects involved in health care would be interesting as well.
    • Looking at different lines of business might offer different takes on it.
  • Institutional structure has a great deal to do with how EA is practiced.
  • Is it more structured in other industries than higher ed. Yes, why?
    • Bottom line.
    • Compliance.
    • Clear hierarchy of decision maker.
    • Clear structures within the organization.
  • People in higher ed sometimes want more structure.
  • The research side has a different approach than health care and higher education.

Topic Categories from Survey Shared by Alberto

EA in General

  • Starting EA Practice
  • Roadmaps
  • Processes, Best Practices
  • Governance
  • Learning, Training

EA in HigherEd

  • Starting Practice in HE
  • Success Stories, Lessons Learned
  • Practice Communities
  • Culture (Changing, embracing EA)

EA Value

  • How to Demonstrate Value of EA
  • Measuring Success: KPI, ROI,
  • Dashboards, Analytics, etc

EA Tools

  • PlanTools
  • Frameworks
  • Artifacts
  • Techniques

EA for IT

  • IT Infrastructure, Cloud
  • ITSM: ChangeMgmt, CMDB, 
  • Breaking Information Siloes
  • KnowledgeMgmt, Documentation  
10 minNext StepsAll
  • Identify leadership at next meeting, Jacob is interested, Alberto is interested
  • Other leadership could be spread over specific deliverables
  • Cadence of meetings (every 2 weeks?)
  • Get the survey list on New2EA site, Jim (Done)
  • Go through a charge to Working Group document and go through it. Pick out a couple of key questions.
  • Could we winnow down that document to the key points prior to the next call. Google Doc. Jacob. Serge.

Action items