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Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

Brenda: Anyone involve in eCAR service delivery?

Betsy: I have staff who have requests to be involved.

Brenda will post to list with follow-up.

Applying the Itana Methods - Case Studies

Itana methods case study: Financial aid modernization,  Piet Niederhausen, University of Washington

Slides: Itana methods case study: Financial aid modernization

Process Mapping, Semantic Data modeling

  • Overview

    • Alec Sharp

    • LEAN practices and teams not included in exercise

  • Process workshops
    • start with semantic data modeling
      • at whiteboard, identify terms and hash out early before they become a source of confusion.
    • move to process mapping
      • process activities
      • group into flows, distinct flows
      • identify triggers, results, steps
      • focus on happy path, don't get bogged down in exceptions
      • Jim: even having this level is very clarifying
      • this level defers the swim lanes
  • process landscape
    • all the major business processes and hand-offs between them
    • data that is involved
    • you might think it looks like a capability map – and in many ways it is, but it highlights the flow and steps
    • expect the process to quite constant;
    • as you get into systems, and map systems against the process landscape, it becomes a useful and reusable reference document.
  • process pain points
    • a way of using the landscape reference document to focus effort
  • enabler's analysis
  • Jim: 1:1, 1:many – indicator of cardinality
    • e.g. mass application to individual student – helps people designing solutions later.
    • also helps people to understand changing processes because you are teasing apart multiple processes

Case for Action

  • leverage the output of the process analysis to focus on what needs to happen next and provide stakeholders with what they need to know

Business Architecture Vision and Action Plan (for IT Department)  – Dana Miller

  • Ignite format: 20 seconds / 20 slides
  • Lots of imagery, few words on slide
  • Constition
  • Connected Company: Adaptive
  • Need for backbone, platform 
  • Call for use of capability language & value streams to elevate the language beyond projects.
  • Capabilities represented in service management tool.
  • Strategy on a Page with Capabilites
  • SCOPE – Strategy and Capability on a Page

General Discussion:

Sanjay: Is anyone using archimate to capture this?

Lachsmi (UCLA): Archi – pretty good for capability maps, but not good for process.

– using for building process maps

Dana: using dynamix

Piet: Google docs/slides

Jim: UW focus is on simple tools and diagrams to maximize sharing an reuse. This is similar to Alec Sharp's methodology with process mapping.

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