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  • King

  • Jim Phelps - University of Washington

  • Beth Schaefer - UW Milwaukee
  • Bob Dein - Miami OH
  • Chris Eagle - University of Michigan
  • Dan Kiskis - University of Michigan
  • Dana Miller - Miami University-Ohio
  • Emily Nichols
  • Florence Hudson, Internet2
  • Louis King
  • Luke Tracy - University of Michigan
  • Piet Niederhausen - University of Washington
  • Ken Klingenstein - Internet2


Discussion items

 IoT and Middleware Discussion

Florence Hudson


Florence Hudson, Chief Innovation Office, Internet2

 Overview of rising tides and a number of initiatives supporting IoT across higher education. When at Itana meeting saw IoT agenda and critical discussions around scale, management and security.

  Ken KlingensteinIntroduction. Ken Klingenstein, Evangelist, Digital Identity & Privacy, Internet2
  Jim PhelpsIntroduction of topic. The vast scale of IoT, the impact on campus, security, the need for trust and identity. How do you manage all of this.
  KenIntroduces consent release allowing individuals to release attributes that can be used to improve the users experience and enrich data. Also mentioned MACE>CACTI and Alan Karp presentation at IEEE IoT. See slides.
  Discussion Issues1) Keeping track of things, 2) manage access by people to things, 3) Manage access to things by things. The complexity of things coming in and possible out of our networks i.e. autonomous cars allows for networked exchange of data to drive intelligence utilized by the connected devices and people using them. The aspects of data governance, device and data destruction, access to information are extremely complicated. What if devices from the extra game-day trashcans go missing? Do we have a security exposure? Does the staff deploying these cans understand what they are handling? Managing access, such as security cameras, generates data, moves data to cloud and access rights become complicated. Data that represents behavior of individuals has potential risk in access. However, knowing of a correlation between meal purchases and student success, what are the implications of capturing and using those data? In the I2 Global Summit Charlie Catlett presented a very relevant discussion. Check it out.
  Possible Outputs

Briefing Materials - Problem space and role of Enterprise Architecture, Vocabulary, White Papers

In depth discussion of shims between middleware and device specific management tools.

Multi-voted and group was interested in a briefing overview presentation and a white paper. Discussion of some universities driving this out of facilities and procurement. First step is sometimes protecting our devices from hacks-in or hacks-out. Raising awareness of devices representing a network access point and vulnerability of this uninformed risk is important.

  JimWrap up. If we could get the existing materials and share that. And then we could pick it up on our calls and list.

Action items