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Educause Report Out

Big take-aways from the conference:

How complicated EA is.  Need to be realistic about how big a challenge it is to take on.
Use of AI in Education.
Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  More people doing things about it than before when most were only talking about it.
EAs role in helping people navigate system interoperability leaves a lot of room for improvement.
Prevalence of Cloud Strategy as a topic, including the number of institutions with specific goals for percent of systems moved to Cloud by a certain date.
Techniques for influencing and storytelling.
More uses of Agile development, including with cloud services.
Got some tips on Costing of IT services.
Mending the divide between IT and the business. 
Valuable feedback gained during Shift and Share.
Intentionality in our role of EA.
Value multiplication of our work.  Session on transformative nature of social media on org and authority structures.  Flattening the information exchange landscape. 
All in similar place in the maturity model of BI.  Still a lot of work to do to increase the impact of the benefits from the data.  Still patting our backs for the IT accomplishments in this space, but haven't provided new value to the business.
The MESA presentation was the best Educause presentation ever!  Especially that Research Storage use case from Michigan.  Wow!
Solid and tangible approaches for being inclusive with introverts.
   Provide lead time to give people time to think before participating. (front load)
   Search Google for "Promoting effective classroom participation".
   Coining of the term Ambivert is evidence that our reactions to social interactions are far more complicated than introvert/extrovert.  Many other factors play into our choice of response.  Highlights importance of creating environments that are safe for all, regardless of introvert/extrovert tendencies.
Face-to-Face materials on the wiki.  Reviewed major lessons from the day.
Transformation of IT skill set with move to the cloud, echoed during sessions at Educause and at the Face to Face.
   Need to decide if we run commodity utility-like services, or a business transformation agent?
   Be careful we don't establish false dichotomy. Balance is likely what is needed.
   High value activity of network orchestration (8 x value) causes question of, 'what network for what purpose?'

Working Group Report Out

Steering committee - nothing.

API WG - Survey executed.  May bring big topics like Containers/Docker back to main group to solicit interest in a separate working group.  Moving to monthly meeting on 4th Thur of the month starting 2017.

Book Club - JJ to send proposed dates for discussions, will send discussion questions ahead of time.

Business Architecture WG - 4-5 people interested, first call being planned.

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