Research and scholarship activities often span multiple institutions. The tools deployed to support research collaboration need to account for users from those institutions. Leveraging federated single sign on and joining the Research and Scholarship entity category streamlines access  access your research resource by eliminating one-off, manual and labor intensive attribute release negotiations.

Applying to add your service in the Research and Scholarship (R&S) Category is straight forward:

  1. Ensure that your Service Provider meets the requirements in the REFEDS Research and Scholarship Entity Category definition and the InCommon Federation Participation Agreement (Section 9, in particular). In brief:
    1. Ensure the service enhances the research and scholarship activities.
    2. Ensure the service complies with specific technical requirements addressing issues of security and operational maturity.
  2. Apply by completing an online application form...
    1. Research and Scholarship Application Form for Service Providers

InCommon will review your application. If accepted, InCommon Registration Authority. will tag your service provider metadata with the Research and Scholarship entity attribute. Once your Site Administrator approves the metadata update, your service officially becomes a REFEDS R&S service.

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