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This wiki page contains authoritative info on the TIER Phase 2 Production Release Candidate.

Approx contents of TIER Release 2

  • Automated Build from Packaging WG project using Docker - Core Packaging Build Documents/Downloads
    • Shib 3.2.1, Grouper 2.3, COmanage 1.0.5
    • Complete the build test project that is working on
      • Execute the Shib IdP draft test plan PaulC has developed on Shib appliance
        • Shib Appliance available for testing as of 8/19
        • Testing in progress week of 8/22
        • Final Shib testing and release with Build tools - In Final Test Rel 2 V5 from Jim J. week of 11/14 & Paul testing
      • Execute Grouper Testing - In Process with Levvel addressing JIRA issues week of 11/14 & ChrisHy testing
        • ChrisHy tested and has updated JIRA issues but stated that it looks good with no show stoppers for Community testing 11/30
        • Jim J still needs to update scripting and feedback to Levvel for ease of installation etc.
      • Execute COmanage Testing - In Process with Scott/Jim/ChrisHu testing
        • Testing successful
        • Jim J may still need to update final scripts for installation
    • Review all documentation received from - This is a project clean up item for overall documentation and is not a dependency
      • Final Review Build/Test Pipeline Design Doc
      • Review Grouper Design Doc
      • Review COmanage Design Doc
    • Determine how release 2 TIER Production Candidate will be made available to community - This section is new
      • All of the issues below should be synced up with Dean's Checklist further down the document
      • Main TIER Page needs update (AI - Dean) - Good update Dean
      • TIER Release 1 page can be morphed for TIER Production Candidate (some older stuff needs to be addressed here) (AI - Dean) - Nice job updating Dean.  The VMs can now be access from this page.  Still need to noodle a bit on Shib 3.2.1 in the VM vs Shib 3.3.0 which is real production release.
      • TIER Package Delivery page needs an update but most can probably still be used (AI - Bill or Steve?)
        • The Internet2 Report TIER Release One.V20160416.Rev1.pdf (IMHO this is the document that needs the most attention and should be broken up into a longer document with lots of the containerization, WG, and other information separated out and keeping a short and concise overview in a short 1 page or so document.) (Comment from Dean - we should keep this document archived somewhere, but need a new document(s) for Release 2)
        • Software Release Website is called TIER Testbed Home - In good shape as TIER Software and Practice Components but we need to work on keeping the testbed parts that are still "testbed".
          • All items including their Release Notes need to reviewed and addressed here.  Jim J has been updating the Shib release notes and in fact has replaced the Rel 1 version with the current version in test (Rel 2 V5).  Naming is again something to visit here.
      • link to where the VM and Docker containers can be downloaded (Internet2 Docker Hub containers may be included) - Not ready yet
      • With, we write doc on procedures for obtaining and bringing up the package (for feed into web pages) - all good for now... will be fed back to over time.
  • TIER Roadmap
    • Include what needs to be on the Roadmap through (and beyond) 2017 - pending further definition of what will be funded

Approx contents of TIER Workbench Pre-Production

  • Full Suit of Grouper APIs conforming with TIER API Guidelines  ( Swagger Documented Grouper-TIER-SCIM API)
    in the TIER-packaged Grouper Component
  • Integrate updated components and other software supporting instrumentation/monitoring and rebuild/test
  • Integrate new consent module(s) and rebuild/test (if available) - likely toward the end of the year

InCommon Federation Features and Status

  • IdPv3 upgrade progress in InCommon
  • Site Admin-editable IdP mdui:DisplayName

Communications Checklist for TIER Release

Due Date






Ann West


TIER quarter 3 report

TCIC and TIER investor CIOs


Kevin Morooney

Not Yet Started

Notice to TCIC

Heads-up on the release


Dean Woodbeck


Review and update TIER web pages - Dean will review. Steve/Bill will recruit WG chairs or designess to review

TIER Overview:


TIER Software and Practice Components:


TIER Community Resources:


TIER Questions, Comments, Feedback:




Bill Kaufman

Not Yet Started

Public TIER roadmap



Bill Kaufman

Not Yet Started


TIER Process document

Process used for TIER updates. This is part of splitting apart the TIER 1 release document


Bill Kaufman

Not Yet Started

TIER Release 2 instructions

Information specific to release 2. This is part of splitting apart the TIER 1 release document


Bill Kaufman

Not Yet Started

Update TIER Package Delivery wiki page:

Child pages may also need updating


Dean Woodbeck

Not Yet Started

Public/community announcement - TIER Release 2

Release sent, as well as social media


Dean Woodbeck

In Progress

IAM Online with topic of TIER (general overview)


Checklist items that were specific to TechEx event for reference:

WG TechEx Deliverables Document (kind of a parallel working checklist)

How will we "Present" Rel 2 at TechEx -  What's New & Next With TIER

  • Instrumentation/Monitoring features for TIER package and each component w monitoring process using Restful API's etc.
    • TIER Central - Deployment Data Site
  • TIER Grouper Deployment Guide - Draft - Present at TechEx (Lightening Talk Monday/Grouper BOF/ACAMP)
    • Reqest is out to review the existing Columbia Guide prior to TechEx
    • Goal is to use sessions at TechEx to facilitate development of an outline to define detail scope for next release

Approx contents of TIER Workbench Demos -  Scheduling Document

  • Three Demos (New information)





Below is older info, save for historical and reference purposes:

Update or create these pages

Decide how to receive feedback on  the TIER Release

Announcement emails to 

  • tier-discussion 
  • tier-architecture
  • tier-adopters
  • Internet2 Staff
  • tier-investors
  • tier-CIOs

TIER Release Two Webinar

TIER monthly newsletter

InCommon monthly newsletter

Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Facebook


Note on Timing for TIER Release 2 (Bill and Steve's thoughts)

  • Sept. 12, 2016 is goal to have the TIER package ready to demonstrate to working groups
  • Likely not to push out to community until approximately two weeks later





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